Tuesday, 10 January 2017

#tartnshan are engaged!

Hello everybody!

It has been a while I last updated my blog, I know I just published a few drafts in my dashboard that I keep for years (crazy) lol, but non of them are latest. Also I just realise I don't have a single blog post on 2016, but yes, there are definitely things that worth sharing for 2016, let me work on that later, because today I am going to share with you one of the biggest life events of my life!

This post is supposed be published before 2016 end...I really tried my best to finish this before 2016. Oh well...later is better than never, as you can see the title already mention it, yes, Tart and I are engaged!

Love this photo from Rachel, we looking at each other and smile so happily.♥

Monday, 9 January 2017

Fish&Co @ Nex

Today is just a random post to about a random date we had 3 years ago. We don't usually have fancy food for normal day, unless special occasion, there's this one day, suddenly Tart offer to have something slightly expensive than what we usually have during weekend, and we choose Fish&Co. We queue there for quite a while, have to be prepared to queue if having meal at Nex especially during weekend, one of the most crowded place.

McDonald x Hello Kitty Bubbly World 2014

Hey Babe!
Remember I mentioned earlier, it is Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary last year, of course McDonald's Singapore will have something for it as well, to celebrate Hello Kitty's birthday. Before the event starts, I actually already knew it will coming a month before, because I got a friend in agency who is working on the site, she didn't exactly tell me what's it, but ask me prepare my wallet lol!

This Set of Hello Kitty attracts a lot of people due to its cuteness bubble-shaped. Hello Kitty dressed in the costumes of characters from Sanrio, which is her friends Kero kero keroppi, My Melody, Osaru No Monkichi, PomPomPurin, Tuxedosam and Bad Badtz-maru.

Singapore Avengers Mystamp Collection 2012

I am gonna share an unisex collection, it is the Avengers Mystamp Collection! Obviously it is not my collection, it is Tart's, bought it together with my Hello Kitty 40th anniversary Mystamp collection. I know it is not a new collection, and it was released by 2012, we bought it at 2014.

This is supposed to be a limited edition collection, but not sure why are we still able to get it 2 years later, maybe is some sort of promotion? I can't remember.

This set of collectables consist of 7 stamp sheets with bio data and 3 art prints that features all of the characters in different art styles.

The cover is a classified shield folder that contains a lot of the information of the super heroes or any top secret.