Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Purple Hair Highlight

I have been staying in Singapore for almost 3 years, but there is one funny fact about me, which is I never have any haircut done in Singapore so far. It is either I am so in love with my current attached salon or maybe I thought it will be cheaper to have my hair cut in Malayisa lol.

The salon that I'm going currently is Number76. Before this I didn't really attach to any, mostly my hair cut is done in random salon, and it cost less than RM50. Probably after I shifted to Singapore, number76's price seems more affordable for me, and I really wanted to try it out since a lot of blogger is promoted about it.

During my first visit to Number76, I was kinda stress. Because I never enter any 'costly' salon, the environment is more 'high-class' than those salon I used to visit, it do stressed me out a bit. My first hair stylist was Yoshi, I love his work! He make me feel my hair can be so beautiful! But too bad he shifted to another branch after that. Ever since I got my hair done by Yoshi, I was attached to Number76, because every time I walk in with ugly hair, then come out with confidence.

My second visit was having my dip dye by Odera, I won't say I don't like his work, but maybe his english wasn't that good, and this caused me a bit trouble in communication with about what I want. But turn out the result is good! At first I couldn't accept my hair become so pink, but quite a lot of people told me it is nice and it suit me, one of them is my boss lol!

After I try Steve, then continuous until today. easier to communicate since he is Chinese also. He always try his best to give me some best advise(although sometime he might be a bit 'fierce' lol), what I can do with my hair or what I should avoid. Most of the time I got rejected on certain thing I want to do, just because at that situation my hair wasn't advise to do that. Like I can't perm my hair after I bleached my hair, because it might cause my hair break.

Normally I will fix my hair the day after I came back to Malaysia from Singapore, because I can't stand my ugly hair anymore. Here my hair fixing day before my Krabi trip.

I got arranged to a private room because that day is so full. 

I always got this very bad 'curse' or I should say I already get used to Singapore's air. Whenever I back from Singapore I will got running nose, and it will happen for few days, maybe Kuala Lumpur's air is worse than Singapore's air I don't know. But well, this made me feel even worse when I was in the salon, especially if I have to do any hair treatment, or hair dye that take me more time, I will dieeeee 囧

This day a bit special, because I bump into Jessica. I tweeted about it, and she found out very fast LOL. She asked people around her, including me, ask who tweet that haha. Wooh! It surprise me a bit with her straightforward personality haha. Another thing that surprised me was she brings books to read when she do her hair, very hardworking! I mean normally people are just playing with their phone or tablets, like me haha!(I just have no fate on books, I will fall asleep)

I curi took a picture of her just sitting beside me hehe.

Some trimming and purple highlight I did that day, I look chio or not? By the way, I decided to try keep my fringe instead of keep trimming it, let's see how much it can bring me to, just want trying different hairstyle, I really long time very keep it ever since my first cut during secondary school.

Following Tart back his home, and his mom prepared some dishes for us, so lovely! They cook chicken drumstick, but they aren't taking any of it, they give it to us, because they think we don't eat this that often, this is the love parents could give.

I am ready for my trip the next day :)


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday

This year 26th of April is our beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday, which is the period of time when I was going back to Malaysia. Luckily the timing is just right, if not I gonna missed out this big family gathering, which used to happen during CNY, but maybe now is even rare because some of us are at Penang and Singapore. That's why those gathering is so important and cherish-able.

My brother has volunteered himself to create a birthday card for grandpa in less than a week, while me and Jin Pei(cousin) already did the present hunt. Here is the masterpiece from him, combine all the grandsons and granddaughters' selfie and two 'future grandson-to-be'. *giggles*

Inner design is a landscape ink, actually before refinement it was black in colour, then he got many comments from our "clients" - aka adults say that, don't use black, so he changed to grey blue. We wrote our wishes here to grandpa. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Grandpa's present hunting day

O-hai everybody!

This year is my lovely grandpa's 80th birthday, the "adults", our parents, uncles and aunts decided to have a big family celebration during his big day. As a grandson and granddaughter how can we not get him anything? But to be honest, getting a birthday present for grandpa is not an easy job at all.

We opened a group for this, but not much people came out with a good idea for his present. Grandpa loves to drink Chinese tea, so I did suggest to buy tea leaf for him. According to the research, Chinatown is the place that sell Chinese tea leaf the most, so we have this present hunting sunday with Tart and cousin.

We waked past a few stall, we changed our mind, we wanted to get him a seal instead. There are quite a few stall selling this, one of them got quite a lot pattern, but then the attitude sucks. We just wanted to have a look at the seal, he shouted at us fierce-fully "hold it carefully ya!" then he come over and "re-arrange" the seal that we touched.

Although we consider buying those seal, but we left, because we don't want to buy from such people. We seek for another stall instead, then we saw this stall.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

爸爸去哪儿 第二季




Saturday, 6 September 2014

Quick update of August 2014

Hello everyone!
I dare not to put "readers", because I wonder if there is anyone reading my blog lol.

So, please feel free to leave me some comment (of course please with good intention la) , just let me know you are there! :)

First of all, my apologies, I am again MIA for quite awhile last month. Because I went back home to Malaysia last month, then after coming back to Singapore I had been kinda busy and fall sick.

To clear some spider web of my blog, this is gonna be a quick update post of my August, I guess whoever read my Dayre will see similar content or picture in this post, as I almost update my Dayre daily. Although last month I MIA quite a few times in Dayre too.

 So August is a month for #tartnshan, it was our 5th anniversary month! We didn't really celebrate through, so we treat the Penang trip as one of our anniversary celebration trip, we capture a lot of couple photos on the beach.

Kinda enjoy the moment at Lone Pine Hotel, at such a nice hotel, we love this hotel ever since Jason(my lecturer) brought us there few years back. We never really go any trip with just both of us, so it is a very good experience!

After coming back from Malaysia, I fall sick, thanks to my dearest Tart, he passed his germs to me, then I got sore throat, running nose, fever...everything come together omg!

Besides that, after this round go home trip, I got very serious homesick! I really cannot, I feel like go back to Malaysia everyday. Also because I fall sick, that make me weaker, in terms of mentally and physically.

I guess perhaps this is the anniversary month, Tart being so sweet, he bought me quite a few stuff, but me such a terrible girlfriend, don't even get him anything, because I am so broke! He bought me a Hello Kitty moon cake from BreadTalk! I love this very much! The packaging I mean, I don't eat moon cake, so he will clear 'em all for me, haha!

And then, one day he caught a moment that out of my sight, he bought me a rose. It has been quite a while since the last time he bought me a flower.

This year, we have no anniversary dinner, we treat the Penang trip dinner as the one. But then we also go for cafe hopping as a replacement, this cafe was chosen by Tart. They said this is one of the most spacious cafe in Singapore, I totally agree! Okay, I don't want to tell much first, I will blog in detail later.

But this cafe hopping experience change my life a bit, I own a Macbook Pro after this!

So the story was that day I expect to go this cafe enjoy delicious food and yummy coffee, then some work after that. But SADLY, my lappy that served me for almost 6 years can't open a photoshop file! OMG!

I almost spend an hour to open it, because it doesn't let me close the file while it half way opening. After is successfully open, the file load SUPER SLOW......My lappy lagging all the while, I can't do anything with the performance like this, and I got so bored, just taking selfie and browsing internet until the time we go home. I feel so bad, because is like wasting time there.

We purposely wear white pants that day, no one help us capture the photo, so we capture by the reflection of the MRT glass.

We did experience few times MRT breaks down in Singapore, but most of the time, they will resume their operations or our area station will got fixed before we go out, but this time is getting serious shit! It is not fixed yet when we go out, and we have to take bus to the next station in order to take train, according to my colleague that inside the next station train, she says the train is not moving.

But here come our lucky star! One of our bosses stay at that area, he wait us at one of the taxi stand, so we have transport straight to office!

Due to the experience I had earlier, which is opening a PSD file took me almost an hour, by the day itself, Tart says just buy a Macbook Pro, since I wanted it for so long, and is just a matter of time to get it earlier or later. 

He offer to pay half of it, and now the lappy that I bought and bring to Singapore is now officially his, although it is like already his belonging since long time ago, but nominally is still mine.

So the history of the lappy is, it is a Asus brand lappy, I bought it before I came Singapore just because I know my Toshiba is dying soon (but it still able to stand for a few more years! Good job!), but then his old lappy is consider dead, so I borrow him mine...then borrow until today...LOL Finally it is his!

We use our savings(for other purpose) to buy it, I have a hard time to convince myself to get it by now, because it is very expensive! Then until I convinced myself, they have no stock, part of the reason is they just renew the Macbook Pro.

I am so happy finally can strike away Macbook Pro from my wish list!

One of our cutest intern's last day, she is the first one who got loved by our department head, he always stay back teaching her scripting, she got a notebook during her last day! Which is first time ever happen that our head buy gift for an intern! HAHA! So everybody shocked! 

She brings Polaroid camera to the office to take picture with everyone!

That day is also the movie night of our company, which happens once in a month, to celebrate pay day lol. So basically, we will order dinner to office, then watch some movie, so far I joined twice, and both of the movie choice are kinda mind f*ck for me!!lol

What I mean is the indie movie, which I don't really know how to enjoy. Next time have to reconsider before we join the night haha!

After I bought my Mac-baby, I totally have no time to touch it at all, because all the busy schedule and tiredness, I am still a quarter patient. Until weekend I finally open it to watch <爸爸去哪儿 第二季> and install software I need!

Belated Birthday dinner for cousin at 10 at Claymore, and damn I forgot to bring my camera that day :( So say goodbye to good quality picture.

I guess that's all so far, see ya in next post! :)
Welcome September!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review of d' Good Café @ Holland Avenue

After a while, we went for another coffee hunt! As we enjoy the moment while having coffee in a very comfortable environment and doing some personal work. So basically, we are more focused to the environment than the food, but of course not those sucky food la, our tongue still got sense of taste.

So after playoffs of all the choices, we decided to go for this d' Good Café. At first I didn't expect much from this café, as the picture I saw from an online article wasn't that detailed, and the photo not that attractive, but I was so wrong, this is really an awesome place!

The decor is so nice that I couldn't resists to keep snapping photos, end up I have to rearrange all my photos because the sequence is very messy, I haven't fully explored level 2, but I'm already at level 3,  snapping photo here and there, after that suddenly is food photo pop out lol!

The area of this café has a lot of other coffee shops too, quite near the Holland Village MRT entrance.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Ken's farewell lunch with Golden Pillow 933

Ken is one of the 德高望重的功臣(person who has rendered outstanding service) in our company, and he is leaving, so how can we not have a farewell for him? 

Normally we will have a farewell lunch or dinner on somewhere when someone is leaving, but this time they decide to have it in office, so they ordered for delivery foods.

Have you ever heard of Golden Pillow金枕头 before? It is actually large toasted bread with curry chicken within. The bun looks like a soft pillow, is where the "pillow" come from.

I was kinda excited to try it out!
Here is the packaging:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

i Light Marina Bay 2014

This is another belated post, as in it passed quite awhile already, I am so sorry for the dragging, as I lack time for blogging. Well, I will try my best not to drag post ok? By the way this is quite a headache post for me, because...I lost all my pictures for this post! It happened to be my old lappy and my hard disk crashed, so the photos for this album is gone, like forever!

Seriously very very emo about this...Some more I have already prepared all the images and ready to blog, but now all the pictures are gone...

crying inside my heart so badly
But I think I just have to accept the fact lol. I try to search over my Instagram and Dayre to see if there is any photo of this day I have posted before, so I can...you know grab from there, although is only a few of them. At least they are few captured by me personally that I can post in my post.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review of Tonkatsu By Ma Maison @ Mandarin Gallery

Wanted to blog about this quite awhile, I still remember it is introduce by one of our friend's friend around 2 years ago, then whenever Sherly comes, and we wonder where to meet, it will turn out to be going here, it has become a must go place whenever she comes.

Tonkatsu By Ma Maison

Incase you don't know Tonkatsu means deep fried pork. They specialise in the Japanese fried pork cutlets. All set meals here come with a bowl of white/multi-grain rice, soup and pickles. Try to come before 7pm, otherwise, you will need to be prepared to queue.
I guess we were kinda lucky that we went there earlier that day, so we only queued for awhile. The past few times we came, we had always been seated outside (opp the main restaurant), but this time it was a little different.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A little blog renovation

This is about the changes I did for my blog, although you may have spotted all.*applause*  For me, I sometimes will find my website/blog imperfect(although nothing is perfect, I just want it to look better and better), so I will always try to improve my site/blog for better user experience and make it look nicer.

Let me show you my previous blog look :

haha, i printscreen when I am log in, so you can see the edit's tool.
 New look with background!

I found this floral background which is quite nice, and I try to apply on my background, surprisingly it fit well! Previously I try to make my background clean and clear, by not making it look plain I added a green texture on my article background, my concept is when people reading, they are looking at green(at least) haha!

But in the end I find I still prefer to have a white article background for easy to show content and also customising font's color. However, white color background is too bright for this background, so I apply a texture for it. 

As I mention I am Libra baby, asking me to make decision is like killing my mind bit by bit, I will got stress out. I asked opinion from Tart and Carmen. They both say now is better than before, at least not so plain.

Then, remember last time there was a scroll to top button? Now I make it scrolling in two way, scroll to top and to bottom.

I realised in mobile my blog page are jumping, sometime you may see 3 posts in a page, sometime only one posts, sometime some post are missing. Then after research I found out what causing this happen, it is because some of my posts are too long, so to solve this, I just have to use jump break, read more is the result of using jump break. So it helps shorten your long article and make your page length more consistent.

Another thing I have change is the divider, I found the previous divider not so nice, look a bit boring and not so obvious, so I did a bit of sketch, and this is the final result. Again, thank for Tart helping me to choose, because I really sketched a lot(all almost same pattern).

Did a bit of design for my subheading and quote, I personally love it very much.

Next and Previous button at article page. I think it quite blade in with the divider.

Blog pages navigation, actually I wanted to add this previously, but then I spotted there's a bug when you view by mobile. Then I found the current one, which is the one you hover the button, my photo will be popping out, I thought it is more interesting so I use it.

Then recently I saw people using it again, so I was thinking might be someone fixed the bug, so I am giving it a try, but it is still the same, I only can use it for desktop version. I actually prefer this pages navigation then the next and previous button, because it is more easier to navigate and go to the page you want.

So in the end, I keep the button but adding this pages navigation, happy ending!

That's it, I guess I didn't miss out anything, unless u spotted anything else? hehe Anyway, feel free to leave me a comment of how you think of my new renovation :)


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Something I have achieved

Well well, I know I disappear quite often recently, because there are quite some works and activities going on last month, and I don't even have time to have a proper rest yet (that kind of caused me having a very terrible skin now and feeling sick).

There's supposedly a post before this post, which I have completed the article week ago, but the post is totally gone...maybe I accidentally deleted...*bang the wall*

Besides all these "bad news", I think I did achieved quite some achievement last month, which deserves a celebration, haha, just saying, I think all I want now is a proper rest and chill.

As my previous post said, I've been working on a personal project, which is actually done before June, and the site has launched during first of June. Everything is quite sudden, one day she look for me, ask if I can help her for her online store, I was new to e-commerce website but I am interested to give a try, so I try to explore on it, after that I decided to accept the job.

So I must thank Melissa, because she gave me this opportunity to explore new thing, as I didn't do any e-commerce site before. I often think that, to create an e-commerce site, you will need to have a very strong knowledge of backend, until I completed her site I only know there's so many way and resources of it, but of course you still need to have some knowledge on coding.

When she came to me, she roughly had the idea of how her site will look like, so I just followed the look and feel she gave me to develop the remaining details, working with her was straight forward and easy, she is also a very understanding person :)

I spend around 2 months for this? As in I went traveling to Krabi in between, and some other stuff. And her website is responsive site, which is more consuming, 3 platform is like developing 3 websites. She did written a short description of working with me, you can read here.

website : http://www.onezero10.com/

After that, I've been researching for another site then arranging all my messy files, and this took me quite a while lol! I thought it will be easy and fast, but I was so WRONG it took a few weeks for all of these, as I am a Libra baby, sometime it is so hard for me to make decision which file should put in which folder lol *bang the wall x2*

Until one day my cousin which is Michelle (I called her Xiao Jing personally) comes and "remind" me about her blog (heart broken...thought she come to concern me...jkjk), so I work on her personal blog first, because she insists that start blogging only after the blog revamp, although I suggest she may blog first while waiting for me. And so that day, I sketched few layout for her to choose, then further work on what she chosen. Very surprising I completed everything in 2-3days! I am so amazed with my speed lol! break my own record! 

Well, so she had become my first blog design's client, and she is happy with the new look. I am working on this over the weekend, my weekend gone like that, so when I pass her the site, I asked her "你要怎样报答我?" By the way, her blog was the basic blog design, no other special function added.

Blog : http://michellexiaojing.blogspot.sg/

Also, I created a page to showcase some of my works, incase you guys want to know how's my work, and what can I do. My previous portfolio site is so outdated, and there are only contains all the works I work during study. Anyway this portfolio page is just a temporary one, once I done with my official, I will remove this page.

Portfolio : http://www.sannyshan.com/p/portfolio.html

Besides all these, I guess you have realise there are some changes of the look of my blog, I twist a bit the design and also added some function for better reading :) I will blog about that later.

That's all for today, thanks for reading :)


Monday, 2 June 2014

Graduation Show Fusion 2014

Hello, I am back...again...LOL
Yes, is AGAIN ! I've been missing in action since the past week, because I went back to Malaysia and traveled to Krabi. Then after that and most importantly I've been working on a personal project, and I like the outcome! That new born baby feeling, feel so proud of it, ok I think I am overwhelmed, but I just feel satisfy with the outcome. Ok, I wont talk much about this now, will reveal some day!

Let's back to today's topic ok? I guess this article is more for art/design person, it is an event I went during end March. Well, it is a digital media graduation exhibition of our ex interns, and one of them is quite close to Tart because of Dota2, and yes, they are still keeping contact until today... See how powerful dota is? bring all the guys together!

So basically, their school which is Nanyang Polytechnic send our company an e-newsletter for inviting us whoever feel like attending, and if we are interested we may fill in a form to make reservation. Me and Tart thought of we never attend to any local digital media graduation show before, we only attended our own college's one to support our juniors, so we are kind of interested to see what's the local standard and also a meet up with our ex interns.

Two days before the exhibition, we received our invitation card from them.

There's a light stick inside, I was doubting it is a real light stick or what lol but didn't bother to try yet, because I want to try in a dark room! I like to play light stick!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review of Maison Ikkoku Café @ Kandahar Street

To continue the previous post's journey, they were saying to have second round although we were so full. I guess is it ok, because before reaching the next destination, we had quite some walk, we were lost.

On the way to Arab street, we pass by this Parkview Square(I actually don't know the name of this building that I have to search through google map lol), an office building, the exterior design was kinda luxurious, didn't snap much photo. If not mistaken they say the old famous drama <双天至尊> was shot in this building, but we have no idea what drama is it, it sounds familiar, maybe because it wasn't our era...hahaha

Then we went into this street name Haji Ln(omg google map is too awesome! I found this name from google map too! I recognize the place by viewing the place with street view lol) where Eve told me that there are a lot of shops selling quality clothes and many others stuff here, everything is good except the price.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review of Seoul Yummy @ Bugis +

Last post I was talking about my ex colleague is going to bring us to eat Korean cuisines. Is kinda a last minute plan, because we just confirm about the date the day before, I was craving for Korean food and she was too, so she introduced us this restaurant. She had been talking about it a lot before she left the company.

I looked at this open air indoor restaurant quite a while waiting for her, then only I know this is the place we would be having our brunch.

Seoul Yummy

I guess we were a bit lucky? because when I did research online  this restaurant was popular, mostly crowded and always long queue, but when we queue we didn't wait for quite long (or maybe I was hoping not our turn yet because the main person is not there yet), then we keep browsing menu, we not sure what to order because, the one who recommended this Korean cuisines hasn't come yet. But I was thinking that ginseng chicken soup is a must! 4 of us can share!

Monday, 14 April 2014

First visit to Bugis+

Actually it was a date with my ex colleague (we met up after a week she left the company), to pass her the shirt she ordered for her boyfriend from STart. In case you don't know, STart is an online store selling designer T-shirt and custom T-shirt, all are drawing from Tart with effort. If you are keen can visit STart Facebook page, and I will also blog about this in detail later, please support yo!

That day, we was planned to meet her at Bugis Mrt station, but some bad thing happened before we step out of the door, Tart just top up his phone with SGD$50, and it was totally gone immediately, I actually have the similar case before, my money always being deducted out of nothing, I seldom make any call  in Singapore, the reason I can think it was my internet data, but sometimes I already turned it off, but I will still face the same issue. Worst case was one day my money all gone, and I owe them -SGD400++, big shock! Luckily in the end, they said it was their system issue. So Tart called Starhub, asked them about this issue, and the staff from Starhub insists that Tart have finish his money because he use the internet data and he owe Starhub money. Tart said before the data expired he already off his data, so they won't charge him, however, shit still happened.

Tart was pretty upset, but I remember that Bugis has a Starhub branch, I told him maybe we can go to their outlet and check with them, is better than chatting it on phone.

We got so bad luck that day, because when we reach Bugis, the Starhub was under renovation! Tart feel hopeless again, so no point we will have to wait for their call but he doesn't apply for free incoming call, so with his out of credit phone he couldn't receive call also even if they get back to him. So I told him once we settle down I will help top up to his phone, so he can receive calls.

After we topped up his phone with SGD$10, the money is still gone..so he wrote to Starhub Facebook by using my data to online, because that's the only way he can contact them. However, This case been dragged until the next Tuesday, where they still insist Tart had spend all his money, but due to this is his first time, they are "being good" to give him back half of the amount which is SGD$25 (yea they didn't mention or explain about the SGD$10 we top up later on...) Since they willing to pay back half of the amount, Tart was thinking no point arguing with them over and over again, so he accepts this result.

However, lesson learned, we have to keep check with our phone credit to in case the money gone by some factors that we may not know, also is good to keep it as a proof for verification. 

Okie, back to my weekend topic
I been "ordered" to wear one of STart design T-shirt for some photoshoot to his Facebook page. We thought after one brunch we will hang out on our own, but plan was changed after she arrived, this simple meet up suddenly became a food hunting day, I got so full that day until I am not feeling well and feel like vomiting. Thanks for this experience my dear Evelyn and my head Yulun hahaha!

Since she hadn't arrive, we walked around at Bugis junction, and saw some installation of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, picture time! 

She said she will be late, so we figure out ourselves how to go to Bugis+, it was actually just opposite Bugis junction, and it was our first time here, everything is so fresh for me! Tart says he saw my eyes are widely opened and can see so many blink blink surrounding it. Of course! We had been staying home during weekend for more than 1 month! Long time never come out and see pretty pretty thing already! And also shopping!!

This is like a food heaven, I love the interior design and decoration.

There was a dancing competition during the weekend. So it was a bit crowded.

Game shop here was so big, all the dolls, bears, and toys here were like very interesting. I mean maybe for others, especially kids! I will love this place if I were a kid.

Autumn feel open air indoor restaurant. Should have try it one day.

I guess this place is not only my favourite, but Tart's too, before we came up, there's a Garena shop at below 1 level, then here is another gaming shop.

Gaming competition live in Big screen, but it wasn't Dota 2, so it didn't caught much  of Tart's interest.

After all the exploring, we were damn hungry, but she is still not here yet, she is busying with something else, so from "on the way" to 15 minutes then 10 minutes more...until the end she was late for 1 hour. Luckily our head joined us after he knows our plan, so we went and queue up first, and she will join us once she reach.

Will blog about the foods in the next post!

p/s: Should have ask her to treat us!  No la, I won't mind you're late, where got angry...

Why are you late?! *hahahaha*