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Eason's Life in Singapore 2014

All out of a sudden, our head department sent Mr. Tang a link about Eason's Chen 陈奕迅 upcoming Singapore concert.

Disclaimer:  This blog post is photos overloaded. Please contact me if you want to use my images, thanks!

That was before lunchtime, I never really experience how it feels attending a concert, if the previous outdoor music concert is considered as one of them then this is my second time to attend a proper one. Last year when Jay Chou came to Singapore, I already thought of attending his concert, as most of his song I like *very hard to have a singer that you like most of his song instead of one right?*  but I was unable to get his ticket, but also my fault because I had been considering for a while, due to my financial issue.

Mr Tang told me of Eason's last year, he actually wanted to attend, but in the end we didn't. So this time, chances are here again, I tried my very best to convince him to go this concert. Actually I wasn't his big fans but I do like a few songs of his, and I know he is a great singer, my friend even told me his voice is a BOMB.

At first he says maybe we get the cheaper one, but then I rejected him, I told him we won't be going to this kind of concert frequently, why not spend more for a better view. After he was convinced *I win!* I immediately went to buy the ticket online. I selected the most expensive one which is $228, but don't know why it keeps on giving us the second category which is $198.We thought the tickets were selling fast , so we bear with it and chose the second category. What made me angry was that I went back to the site again afterwards and checked again, the system allowed me to get the first category....Why like that why like tat?

However, this was our first concert after few years being together. We were really excited and couldn't wait for it. As we don't have experience for attending concert we really did a few research for it. These are some of the tips/lesson we had learn after this concert:

1. Never bring foods. If you want to bring water, keep it well.
I actually asked Mr Tang to check their T&C, whether it is allowed to bring any food, he didn't see any rules about that, but then we were asked to throw away the foods when we wanted to go in. *luckily those were small snacks, and I ate a few before we throw away, but still a waste.*

2. Coordinate your departure time for traffic. If possible, reach at least one hour earlier
We were pretty early when we reach there, because it was our first time, we were kind of nervous. If you don't want to stand outside, and queue for a long time, I would recommended you reach early, to avoid the queue.

3. Had your meal before
Foods and beverage there definitely will be more expensive, and if you don't want to be caught bringing food into the venue at the same time, you don't empty your stomach for whole concert, better make sure you eat before the concert starts *as I said, i ate some of the snacks before it starts, but still not a proper meal, we were there with an empty stomach for the whole concert, and we only managed to have our late dinner after concert.*

4. Dress appropriately for the weather but assume the interior of the venue will become quite warm. 
I thought it might be quite warm indoor, but in the end I feel cool i stead, but I did bring a light jacket, so it saved my life! Is better to wear jeans also, convenient yet not easy to get dirty.

5. Enjoy the show and get prepared in a massive crowd when the shows ends.
If you keep taking photo and recording video(I know there are still people who were recording even though it is prohibited), you might not fully enjoy the concert. Bear with the crowd, walk slowly and be careful of your belonging during the exit.

Back to the topic, After we bought the ticket, then only we realize something, this is Singapore, and their second language was mandarin, which mean Eason might sing mandarin song more than Cantonese? but we prefer listening him singing Cantonese songs, then someone told us, he actually sing Cantonese songs also in his previous Singapore concerts. We felt so relieved after hearing that.

As I said we reached really early that day, because it was not just our first time to attend a concert, it is also our first time to go to that place, so it is better to reach there earlier. Faces of that day.

First time here, everything seems so fresh for us. New station and new places explored! :D

What to do if we reached so early? walk around and of course take #ootd !

Here is the ticket counter, Mr Tang is waiting to ask about the way to out entrance.

The reception told us our designated entrance was just right above, so we went up.

I heard Eason's rehearsal,and YES he sang Cantonese ! Yeah! no more worries! We walk around, because there are not much people, nor queue. Then I feel like going to the washroom, I don't want to go washroom half way and missed any moment of the show. So we went down and started searching for washroom.

They are selling souvenir for Eason's Life concert.

After we come back from washroom, I saw some people started queue-ing, so we queued up as well. I keep checking on the time, I was kind of tired for standing so long.

To kill the I started camwhore..LOL
Mr Tang actually wanted to take picture with the poster, but we couldn't find any at all. Is it because Singapore or all the country are the same?

The queue started getting longer and longer, is it now until the bridge, I am glad we are here early now!

Ticket stated door opens at 7pm, But I guess, Asian being asian, never punctual. However we managed to get in at 7:20 something...and foods are not allow, Mr Tang had to throw away, but luckily it was expensive one, just some small snacks, and I ate some. He secretly keeps Polky, at least we would have something to eat. Seriously luckily they didn't ask him throw away the water bottle, which is my hello kitty collection! if not my heart will be broken.

ahhh...I told him, here is the poster! Projected at screen, hahaha!!

Kind of satisfied with the view, wasn't that far from stage, still can have a clearer look.

Again...camwhore section, since we have nothing to do...

other than that, we were just waiting and playing games...look around, the stadium become crowded gradually...

Category one(which is the most expensive one) got free light stick, nah...I know it wasn't any valuable stuff...but I
I realize most of them are from China, at least we are surrounded by China people.

Around 8:15pm, we saw some smoke come out, and it is where the show starts soon!

This is beautiful!!

Here we go Eason!!
He started with a really short greeting in English, then he started to sing till the end.
You may watch the video here.

There is few songs I wish I could listen, one of them is 浮夸, I know I will have goosebumps if he really sings this song, I did not like this song in the first place, but I don't why I feel it was so good to sing! Especially the lyrics. Mr Tang wished he can hear Eason singing 700年后 as it is our love song.

I got to listen to this famous hot song 岁月如歌 ! LIVE!

He changed his attire and appear on a cube.

We know his style, his concert mostly are with those weird thingy, I was surprised this concert wasn't that much compare to the others I saw before on youtube or TV.

That huge guy looks like alien, but his movement are cute :D

He sings 碌卡, which is the funny song that used to cause my cousin laughing non-stop.

This installation is nice, the songs too, but we don't know the name of the song. L O V E I can only see "ove", bad thing of side view.

When he sings 你的背包, I  am so happy and seriously I feel like screaming a bit, because I like this song (just started to appreciated this song actually)

A closer look, Omg, there a guy stand on the cloud upside down

I think I saw this apparels from his other concert before.

I think he prefers his right side audience more, he seldom interact with our side audience (which is his left side audience including me T__T) but one of the song he did stand on our side! *happy face*

Here come almost end of the show, more weird character lol...I think one of them look like Domokun

He says Hi to us!!

He sings all the way until the end only he have more interact with audience, which is good also, he let us listen more song first then only talk with us. He asked the audience whether want him to speak English, Mandarin or Cantonese. I couldn't hear what they reply, but I want Cantonese!!

He sweats a lot.

Where he started to make funny jokes and act funny.
He asked whether the air cond is broken, he felt so hot, that's why he sweats a lot, he says he will pay more for a better air cond...LOL

After this, is the end of the show. He went in and his band left. But...there was no announcement that this end has ended, and the lights are still off! We guess the show haven't end yet. Here are the people asking for encore!

His band come back, and we know he is back!!

First encore song he sang 淘汰 , I think it kind of suitable, is like, he admitted that he lost to the crowd, so he come back for more song :D

The second song, I don't really know about it, but he said that he had been training for quite a while for this song because he failed before.

Last song, Eason asked everyone to stand up, he says since you guys are also going to leave, stand up la...HAHAHA so funny!

The crowd of the night, I think they control quite well.

After that, we went back and have our late dinner, the end of the day.

Thank you Eason for the awesome show of the night, I really enjoy a lot :)
Mr Tang says he was glad that he was convinced by me to attend this concert,  and he wish to go again.
And yes, his voice is a BOMB!

p/s: next concert I guess will be Jay Chou, heard that he is coming this year end!


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