Sunday, 2 March 2014

I am back!

Hi people! I am finally back to blogging!
No one knows how much I miss blogging ever since I stopped in around 2010. I've put a lot of effort for this blog although I really dragged for quite a long while. I have this thought of opening a new blog around end of 2011, searching around which platform is the best for blogging, comparing Blogspot and Wordpress. In the end I choose Blogspot, because changing layout for Blogspot is free and without limit, but in wordpress you have to pay. Then I started looking for references and sketching, my design for this blog has been changed a few times until how it looks like today.

If you know me well, you should know that I have a Chinese blog (wretch) that I used to update about my life, my thought, sharing food I ate, place I went...but I gradually reduce blogging because of my study, I think for most people, college is the happiest moment in life. You meet new friends, not having a job yet, can hang out with buddies and so on. But that didn't happen for me, In fact I kind of think that my college's life is a hell-ish life. Everyday I was rushing assignments and project, dealing with deadlines, even weekend is also my assignment day, but the satisfaction of seeing the work done is a big happiness!

You might be asking me, what about after you graduated? You should be having time for that right? People often say when you really care you will always make time. Yes, I agree with that, that's true. But, when I graduated, what matter to me most is my future, my career, and rest. I actually plan to rest a few months before I start working, but in the end I didn't, because when opportunity knocks your door, how dare you chase them away? Some more I am that kind of easy nervous person, so I started my office lady work life 2 months after my graduate until today.

As I said I have this thought of continue blogging since 2011, which is after I start working, everything settle... yes I know I dragged for 3 years! During this 3 years, technology has changed, Blogspot also started using mobile optimize, which make me spend more time to explore it, make it what I think is perfect for my blog, no matter tech part or design.

Here is a screenshot of how my previous social icon looks like, I think it is quite nice, until last year, I suddenly feel it wasn't nice enough and I changed the design to the current one.

The blog design is 90% original done by me :) I am so happy to see it is now launch! I can finally share my stories with you guys, no matter is the future or the past! I had missed out so much things I wanted to share so much, so I might sometime #throwback share something that already past long time ago, I will mention the date in my #throwback post in case you thought that's just happened.

Besides that, I will also share my daily little thing on my Dayre (sannyshan), please follow me if you want, I guess I will update more often over there, but but but I promise I will also try my best to update more often here as well. Trust me, I really spent a lot of effort on this blog. Anyway this blog will have all the details, so please do follow me on Imotiv (sannyshan) if you keen? *follow me follow me*

I am happy to be back to what I've been wanting to do after so long, and managed to convince myself this is good enough to show the world. If you were my readers before and you are back to support, I sincerely thank you for your support, if this is your first time reading my blog, Welcome to my blog!

I am officially Back to blogging now!


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