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My Worst online shopping experience with Mydeal Malaysia

Update: I have blogged another post that shares about what other things I found through this journey, and also what can you do if they don't refund for you. Click here to reading.

Okay, so this will be the details of my very very bad experience on Mydeal Malaysia, it will be a long one, so I will separate 2 post for this, the other post will be something I discover during this saga. Although it is now over, and I finally got my refund (after a really really tough 'journey') but I guess it is good to share this out, in order to warn people about this company. Please be careful if you make any purchase from Mydeal Malaysia, I would advise you better not buying anything from them. 

I started buying things from them since 2012, my first purchase from Mydeal Malaysia was Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE® Neck & Shoulder Relaxer, I didn't receive my goods after more than two months, so I did email to the email address they provided, they said they had already inform everyone that, they would provide a refund for this because the quality of this product from the supplier is poor. However things ended really fast, they refund me within the time they mentioned.

Note 1: do noted Aisyah is the person who handling this.
After a several times of supporting Mydeal Malaysia, I had finally meet my disaster of dealing with them. I know some of you might already having undelivered issue for 2 months? 3 months? Well, my case is more than half year!

I wanted to purchase this Hello Kitty "Circus of Life" which had already launched in Hong Kong last year (or somewhere else, I know it will be here one day, but I want to skip the queue and this deal was kinda cheap though). So I made my purchase from Mydeal Malaysia on 21st of july, 2013.

Note 2: This deal includes sets of 5 limited edition plush toys, original boxes, free 3D story book, alphabet cards (24pcs).  Delivery will take between 15-30 working days after the DEAL ends.
After two months, 17th of September, there are another two deals that caught my attention, which is Perfect Hair Curl Pro and Tangle Teezer Magic Comb. After made my payment, I also sent an email to Mydeal Malaysia to ask my Hello Kitty status, since it is already more than a month but I still haven't receive my goods.

Note 3: I sent the email address stated in the pdf, I think this is the merchant's email?
No reply for this email, so I went to their Facebook page, thinking that I might reach them faster there. When I see all those post by others, mostly were all complaints, I got so worried about my purchase might not reach me. So I commented at their page, at the same time I was kind of worried of the quality of my other purchases. And this is what they replied me, they told me my kitties been sent out, just right the day I email them and the product was OEM product. I was relieved a bit, at least they sent out my goods.

Note 4: instead of giving me explanation and reply my email days ago, their reply is just rash.
I am staying in Singapore, so I might not get to know if my purchase has reach my home in Malaysia, sometime mom told me there's a parcel reached my home, but I also not sure is that the kitties. On the other hand, I was busy for my October Taiwan trip, so I put this aside. Until December I emailed the one who in charge of the Tangle Teezer Magic comb, asked about the status, this girl named Crystal, her reply was kinda inpatient, the first reply was a date, time, tracking code, voucher number ( i guess? not sure what number is it) and all caps "HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?"

I tried to trace that tracking code she provided but I couldn't find anything, so I emailed her and ask whether she just sent (if you just send your parcel you won't be able to trace it yet) or what? and which post office. I received another  impatient reply with a lot of "..." Seriously there are only 2 questions, what bothered her so much? However I able to received my goods in the end, so I didn't bother much on this.

Year end holiday, I went back to Malaysia, I received 3 kitties with 2 boxes(I guess it was the one they mention they had send to me earlier?), with a notes said the remaining kitties will reach me before end of december. I was fine with this, since they had sent me 3 kitties, I can wait for the rest. I was going back to Singapore on the 1st of January 2014(yet I still didn't receive my kitties), but I came back to Malaysia quite often during January, so every time I came back to Malaysia, I will check if the kitties has reached me.

Until 22th of January ,2014, I sent them another email to (with image attachment), asking for the status again, and also about the missing box for one of the kitty.

Note 5: I realised I send to wrong email address, so I forward to the correct email, that's why there is so many "greater than sign", but also attached the images.
17th of February, which is after CNY, I still didn't received their reply, I began to feel unusual, I look for Mydeal official email address which is, I forward my previous email and also did a write up asking them to look into my issue, as well as commenting at their page, asking them to check my email.

Note 6: I just emailed to both emails, because I am not sure which email is working.
The reply I received at both Facebook chat and email, both are saying the same thing, they offer to refund to me for the remaining kitties ONLY, and without even saying a single word of what's going on, or apologies.

Note 7: They really do pay more attention to their Facebook page's comments

In the beginning I was fine with the decision of the refund, but then I remember about the missing box and also the other stuff that are included in this deal, and in my previous email, I did ask them to check on my missing box, they just ignore my question, and go for this refund. So I bring it up to them again, and they take a while to get back to me...again.

Note 8: They like to drag, and you need to "remind" them is time to reply your email/fb chat/msg.
they said that the refund is only for the kitties...I think it is kinda unfair for me...However I try to deal with it, but then I still demand an explanation from them for the missing box, and I refuse to give them my details, because I know they will completely wipe my question away.

Note 9: for the few months of undelivered my purchase, my refund was just only the remaining kitties.

I didn't call them because I am staying at Singapore, don't want to waste my money on them, some more I saw a lot of comment on their page saying that they don't pick up calls, so what's the point of calling them? I rather there's black and white stated.

My friend who saw my tweet that I seriously upset being treated this way, and she offers me some help. I always know I am not good in "formal complaint" or maybe I am just being too nice to them so their forget or not aware that, I HAVE MY OWN RIGHT too!  That's why it causes more people to treat me this way!

A long and formal email which used CON JOB as subject sent to Mydeal Malaysia in the other day before they get back to me (should be before they are free to get back to me).

Note 10: A formal and long email sent to them, hope they will take this matter more serious.
Aisyah is the one who replied me and said that they will get back to me ASAP. But in case they drag my case again, we ask for how long they take to review this case, as usual, have to wait...again.

Note 11: there's no reply after this until the next day.
The next day, they replied that they are willing to give me a full refund, but it is in DEAL Credit. Big NO for this! They are smart, but I am not stupid either.

Note 12: DEAL credit can only use when you make purchase from them again, do they think I still dare to buy thing from them in this matter?
Told them I don't accept DEAL credit, I want my refund in cash!

Note 13: try to "remind" them it is not my fault for this case and I demand to have full cash refund to my bank account.
The Ridiculous part has arrived. They ask me to send back the remaining kitties therefore I can get my full cash refund!

Note 14: They is how they handling their customer, by asking customer send back the items, then only they give you full refund, when the issue due from their side.
I got so pissed off with this, I went to to Fbchat and questioning them. In the mean time dropped them an email, I want their manager to call me, then only they willing to pay me back my full cash refund.

Note 15: mobile phone was hided for private purpose.
Note 16: They drop me an email which stated they will give me my full refund, but with the wrong price.
Note 17: clarify with them what amount of money they gonna refund for me.
To make sure the refund is a cash refund, I drop them an email again, to want them to ensure the payment of RM129 is a cash refund, I hardly trust them anymore, so I need their words to be written black and white.

Note 18: They didn't reply me, so I "remind" them again the next day.

They say they will ensure that is a cash refund, and so I give them my bank details and I told them I will follow up after 14 working days.

Note 19: I didn't reply their email, and wait for my refund.

------------------- After 14 working days ---------------------

More than 14 working days, I check my bank account, there is no refund *as expected* I guess is time for me to 'remind' them again, so I comment on their page again, my aunt saw my post, and she commented on it as well because she is having issue with Mydeal Malaysia, but later on, I found that her comment being deleted. Although I don't think it was something done by her, but I still wondering why is it she delete her own comments.

However, I was focus on my own case, Mydeal Malaysia say they will get back to me end of the day, so I warn them better really get back to me by the end of the day, and before they go home!

By 6 something, I still don't get my reply, I comment on their page again(I didn't screenshot for that), question them where is my refund, it is already the end of the day. They did something really really rude and unprofessional to me. They banned me from their page without giving me any reply!

And it was so lucky that I have this habit of keeping my tab while opening another tab to check the updates, so when they banned me, and removed all my comments, I got this screenshot.

Note 20: I can no longer leave comment or tag them, there is no "write something..." box there anymore.
I got so mad again with their reaction, the way they treat me, and it is a friday, totally ruined my TGIF mood. I really wonder did these people been trained well? Tart has a good point, they should all go to study Customer Services before they serve people!

I knew they haven't block me from group, so I went there and comment, quite a few of Mydeal Malaysia victims reply my comment, it seem expected for them, like there's nothing to surprise, this is what Mydeal Malaysia always does to their customer.

Note 21: accidentally post two comment, both got likes from other victims and reply, but in the end they deleted one of them
As expected, I know they will kick me out from the group and delete my comments.

Tart and my friend left a comment on their page about my matter, and my friend even mention she will screenshot her own comment, but in the end Mydeal Malaysia still deleted both of their comments. See, how terrible Mydeal Malaysia is!

Note 22: they want to add Tart as friend,  we don't know what's their intention to do so. They also banned my friend - Kat Phy from their page also.
I received their email at 7 something, apparently the account number I given is invalid according to them, there should be only 12 digit for my bank account number and mine has 13 digits, this is so ridiculous! I went to check is it the truth, then I know this an excuse for them to drag to monday, because there's nothing wrong with my account number, is their doesn't have line break, so my detail number follow up to my account number, making it to 13 digits! Whatever, since they still follow up with this case, I just reply right after they send me the email,my email content was only my bank account number.

I don't know is they did something or not, Saturday I received an email that say my email failed delivery to their end, so fine, I reply them to their, in case any fail delivery again!

So on monday, I pm them to check out my message and get back to me. I don't even know will they read my message, because they might block me again. But I saw they have "seen" my message, and here is their reply.

Note 23: they always send me the wrong info...wrong spelling of my name, or the amount of the money they need to refund.

Yea, they finally submitted my refund to their finance what about the 7-14 working days they mention earlier? What are they doing during that period? Nothing?? I wait for nothing??

Note 24: waited until Tuesday, my bank account still got nothing, and I drop them an email and message them.

All I want is this matter to settle as soon as possible! 

I can't stand this anymore, I  begin to call them. 20++ calls no one is picking up the phone. I guess my money is gone, I got so disappointed and sick of this, I got all my proof and screenshots days ago, and I am thinking to lodge a report to those Consumer Tribunal, some of my friends help me report the page at the mean time.

The next day, I plan to call them again. Before calling them my mind is talking with me, it says maybe I should check my bank account again, but I also understand the possibility is very low, in the end I still went to check my account, I seek for hope, I hope there is my refund. Miracle happens, they did refund to me!! But no, they didn't send me any information email nor proof at all, is all I find out myself.

But then, I guess it doesn't matter anymore. Since this all is over now! I will NEVER EVER buy things from Mydeal Malaysia anymore since this crazy and scary incident! 

My bff saying that I can get half of the kitties for free, but I told her, if let me choose, I rather I got nothing free than have to go through this whole suck incident. Everyday I keep wondering:
"Will get my item? When?" or "Will I get my refund? When?" 
These feelings are so torturing! No, I never want to experience those anymore.

They are not honest to their customer, my item are not completely delivered to me for more than half year! No matter what's the reason, they should be the one who come to me and tell me what's going wrong, instead of I am the one who keep on chasing the answer from them. Hey, this happened for more than half year! Why is it not enough time for you to inform me anything? If I didn't look for them, I wonder if I will ever get my items and refund.

Also I clarify with my aunt - Lily Kan, the one I mention earlier, she says she didn't delete any of her own comments, and so is something good done by Mydeal Malaysia again.

Yea, Mydeal Malaysia, you can ban, block or delete anything, but you can't wrap fire in paper, when the truth is revealed, it will make things even worse and show how unprofessional you are.

p/s: I must thanks whoever helped or offer for help during this matter, sincerely. I appreciated that ♥


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