Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Other things about Mydeal Malaysia

This will be some sharing what I had found out while dealing with them.
If you still facing issue while dealing with them, or they doesn't pay you your refund, here are few website you can lodge your complain:

Some one emailed and sent me a message through Facebook, saying that her complain to this site is working! 

Consumer association department

Consumer Tribunal Malaysia

Other suggestion I got from my friends:
  1. Voice this out in those dispute pages
    I found a few but mostly have already been abandon, if you know anything please share :)
  2. Report their Facebook Page
    I know this doesn't help much, even if their page being deleted, our refund still won't come back, but since what they do is delete people's comment or ban people, then why not just make it gone, so they have no place to share their product/promotion also.

During this period of waiting they revert, I did a lot of research, as I hope there's other way I can solve this faster, I think is better than doing nothing and wait for their reply right? Here are something I get to know while I am looking for solutions, some of you might already knew this, but I really know non of them, because no one is informing me about it until I find out.

I guess this round of messing up is something to do with Vii Synergy Marketing, also I just realize that the Minion and a lot of the undelivered products are from this Vii Synergy Marketing.

Note 1: I went google and search for the Vii Synergy Marketing, results show mostly are the products that having undelivered issue.

I googled about Vii Synergy Marketing because when I check out Mydeal Malaysia Facebook page, I saw some of the comments mention about this company, and I know my purchase was from this company also.

Note 2: someone already figure it out since last year August, just one month after I make my purchase!

Note 3: Now I know why is it no one replying my email, but still their fault, they didn't inform us about it though.

This is interesting, when people comment about why they always delete people's comment, and look at what they reply! Hey, Mydeal Malaysia I don't think my previous comment contain any vulgar or false languages, why you still delete my comments and even banned me? 

Note 4: I guess this girl having the same issue as me, wonder is a question something vulgar or false languages for them?

Note 5: Couldn't understand why are they thinking delete comments is a good way to solve the issue.
Note 6: You are not removing any post but you delete it.
Note 6: Good point! I guess they can't fulfil the great volumes of orders, but they don't want the money fly away from them.
Note 7: blaming on each other, who's fault?
I kinda like this comment! So sarcastic but good job!

Note 8: If not mistaken the link that the guy provide had become today's Mydeal Customer Service Line, it was a complain group previously, that's another story.

Now is March of 2014, I still not able to check on that link too.

Not sure if is the personal Facebook account of Mydeal Malaysia's staff(one of the reply), if it is, this will be so rude and unprofessional!

I know I will not be the only one who have issue with them, I also found two blog posts which talk about how disappointing they are to Mydeal Malaysia. If you are keen to know about their story, here's their links:

p/s:  Sincerely wish those who still dealing with them can solve their issue soonest!

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