Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Review of Seoul Yummy @ Bugis +

Last post I was talking about my ex colleague is going to bring us to eat Korean cuisines. Is kinda a last minute plan, because we just confirm about the date the day before, I was craving for Korean food and she was too, so she introduced us this restaurant. She had been talking about it a lot before she left the company.

I looked at this open air indoor restaurant quite a while waiting for her, then only I know this is the place we would be having our brunch.

Seoul Yummy

I guess we were a bit lucky? because when I did research online  this restaurant was popular, mostly crowded and always long queue, but when we queue we didn't wait for quite long (or maybe I was hoping not our turn yet because the main person is not there yet), then we keep browsing menu, we not sure what to order because, the one who recommended this Korean cuisines hasn't come yet. But I was thinking that ginseng chicken soup is a must! 4 of us can share!

Monday, 14 April 2014

First visit to Bugis+

Actually it was a date with my ex colleague (we met up after a week she left the company), to pass her the shirt she ordered for her boyfriend from STart. In case you don't know, STart is an online store selling designer T-shirt and custom T-shirt, all are drawing from Tart with effort. If you are keen can visit STart Facebook page, and I will also blog about this in detail later, please support yo!

That day, we was planned to meet her at Bugis Mrt station, but some bad thing happened before we step out of the door, Tart just top up his phone with SGD$50, and it was totally gone immediately, I actually have the similar case before, my money always being deducted out of nothing, I seldom make any call  in Singapore, the reason I can think it was my internet data, but sometimes I already turned it off, but I will still face the same issue. Worst case was one day my money all gone, and I owe them -SGD400++, big shock! Luckily in the end, they said it was their system issue. So Tart called Starhub, asked them about this issue, and the staff from Starhub insists that Tart have finish his money because he use the internet data and he owe Starhub money. Tart said before the data expired he already off his data, so they won't charge him, however, shit still happened.

Tart was pretty upset, but I remember that Bugis has a Starhub branch, I told him maybe we can go to their outlet and check with them, is better than chatting it on phone.

We got so bad luck that day, because when we reach Bugis, the Starhub was under renovation! Tart feel hopeless again, so no point we will have to wait for their call but he doesn't apply for free incoming call, so with his out of credit phone he couldn't receive call also even if they get back to him. So I told him once we settle down I will help top up to his phone, so he can receive calls.

After we topped up his phone with SGD$10, the money is still gone..so he wrote to Starhub Facebook by using my data to online, because that's the only way he can contact them. However, This case been dragged until the next Tuesday, where they still insist Tart had spend all his money, but due to this is his first time, they are "being good" to give him back half of the amount which is SGD$25 (yea they didn't mention or explain about the SGD$10 we top up later on...) Since they willing to pay back half of the amount, Tart was thinking no point arguing with them over and over again, so he accepts this result.

However, lesson learned, we have to keep check with our phone credit to in case the money gone by some factors that we may not know, also is good to keep it as a proof for verification. 

Okie, back to my weekend topic
I been "ordered" to wear one of STart design T-shirt for some photoshoot to his Facebook page. We thought after one brunch we will hang out on our own, but plan was changed after she arrived, this simple meet up suddenly became a food hunting day, I got so full that day until I am not feeling well and feel like vomiting. Thanks for this experience my dear Evelyn and my head Yulun hahaha!

Since she hadn't arrive, we walked around at Bugis junction, and saw some installation of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, picture time! 

She said she will be late, so we figure out ourselves how to go to Bugis+, it was actually just opposite Bugis junction, and it was our first time here, everything is so fresh for me! Tart says he saw my eyes are widely opened and can see so many blink blink surrounding it. Of course! We had been staying home during weekend for more than 1 month! Long time never come out and see pretty pretty thing already! And also shopping!!

This is like a food heaven, I love the interior design and decoration.

There was a dancing competition during the weekend. So it was a bit crowded.

Game shop here was so big, all the dolls, bears, and toys here were like very interesting. I mean maybe for others, especially kids! I will love this place if I were a kid.

Autumn feel open air indoor restaurant. Should have try it one day.

I guess this place is not only my favourite, but Tart's too, before we came up, there's a Garena shop at below 1 level, then here is another gaming shop.

Gaming competition live in Big screen, but it wasn't Dota 2, so it didn't caught much  of Tart's interest.

After all the exploring, we were damn hungry, but she is still not here yet, she is busying with something else, so from "on the way" to 15 minutes then 10 minutes more...until the end she was late for 1 hour. Luckily our head joined us after he knows our plan, so we went and queue up first, and she will join us once she reach.

Will blog about the foods in the next post!

p/s: Should have ask her to treat us!  No la, I won't mind you're late, where got angry...

Why are you late?! *hahahaha*