Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Review of Maison Ikkoku Café @ Kandahar Street

To continue the previous post's journey, they were saying to have second round although we were so full. I guess is it ok, because before reaching the next destination, we had quite some walk, we were lost.

On the way to Arab street, we pass by this Parkview Square(I actually don't know the name of this building that I have to search through google map lol), an office building, the exterior design was kinda luxurious, didn't snap much photo. If not mistaken they say the old famous drama <双天至尊> was shot in this building, but we have no idea what drama is it, it sounds familiar, maybe because it wasn't our era...hahaha

Then we went into this street name Haji Ln(omg google map is too awesome! I found this name from google map too! I recognize the place by viewing the place with street view lol) where Eve told me that there are a lot of shops selling quality clothes and many others stuff here, everything is good except the price.