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Review of Maison Ikkoku Café @ Kandahar Street

To continue the previous post's journey, they were saying to have second round although we were so full. I guess is it ok, because before reaching the next destination, we had quite some walk, we were lost.

On the way to Arab street, we pass by this Parkview Square(I actually don't know the name of this building that I have to search through google map lol), an office building, the exterior design was kinda luxurious, didn't snap much photo. If not mistaken they say the old famous drama <双天至尊> was shot in this building, but we have no idea what drama is it, it sounds familiar, maybe because it wasn't our era...hahaha

Then we went into this street name Haji Ln(omg google map is too awesome! I found this name from google map too! I recognize the place by viewing the place with street view lol) where Eve told me that there are a lot of shops selling quality clothes and many others stuff here, everything is good except the price.

In front of two Singaporean, me and Tart are like two tourists looking around, feeling curious and snapping pictures.

Our pretty Eve wanted to look in to the store, but we went in awhile then we walked out, she said that she feel stress looking at the price, haha so funny! Anyway nice exterior design! So designer feel, it was a shop selling some handmade stuff, party deco thing and gifts. I think there's a design studio on the upper level.

Some "home" style, make me thought of Malacca because of its red painting.

On our way to Maison Ikkoku, we passed through Arab street as well, saw this shop which is full of childhood memory.  To be honest I barely recognise most of them, so u guess...is this the memory that belongs to people older than us? *giggles*


Oh, Hello Mr Robot!

Sultan Mosque

After a few rounds of going back and forth, we started getting sweaty, and finally we found our destination! Thanks to Yulun, he had been using his mobile  to guide us, it was actually very near this mosque, but we took the wrong side. If we have taken the right side, we would had reached there earlier already.

It was quite crowded and we didn't make booking, so we had to wait.

Maison Ikkoku 

In case you don't know, there are 3 levels for this shop.
Level 1 is a café, serves good coffee on day time
Level 2 is only open during nighttime , it is a bar that serves cocktail.
Level 3 is a boutique.

That day, We only visited the café, I actually don't know there is a boutique, I just found out while doing some research on this café, I thought there's only a bar and café. In case you want to have a look how's the bar and boutique look like, I had grab some image from them and share it here.

Maison Ikkoku - Cocktail bar

So well decorated! Me not an alcoholic person also feel like paying a visit!

*image source from online

Maison Ikkoku - boutique

According to what I have researched, most of the items are imported from Japan and mainly men's wear.

*image source from online
Besides that, my research shows that this café is mostly crowded, it was no different that day. So we sat on some chairs provided by them and wait for out turn(yes, there's some chairs), therefore making reservation before head down is most recommended.

Shop decoration is in vintage-contemporary style.

They asked if we would leave before 6:30pm, because there's a table, but it was reserved at 6pm, so finally we got settle down. Look at their menu, I would definitely order their big breakfast if I wasn't so full.

I just google translate Ikkoku means a moment.

Plan to order drink only, but when I saw someone having rainbow cake...omg I die die also must try! Because that's the cake I always saw from Tumblr, and I haven't tried haha!
So how to order? you just see what you want from the menu then order from the counter and make payment, same goes to the cakes, just point it out what you want at the counter, then back to your seat, they will serve you later.

Here is a picture of their cakes, kinda expensive, I think is because of the size of each slide, is kind of big, I will show you later. 

Their coffee machine collection for sale.

I was practicing to drink more hot beverage, because cold beverage is not good for our health, especially girls, so most of the time I will look for hot beverage, and most of them will be mocha, cappuccino, chocolate...I must say I am not a loyal caffeine person although I drink coffee, I mostly just enjoy the moment and the feeling while having it, so I actually know nothing much for coffee. To say that, which means the environment is actually more important for me, but of course the coffee cannot taste too bad also la!

I really forget what I ordered that day lol I guess this is Mocha, haha!

I actually not sure what's it in this coffee art, I guess it was a swan?

Here come our cakes! I thought 4 of us could share 1 cake, but we got different desire to try different cake, so it come in 3...and yea, I couldn't finish mine. We have Strawberry Milkshake ($8), Double Cheese Red Velvet ($9) and 7 layers ($10).

 I not sure about the others but my Rainbow cake are made by Fathiscakes (Facebook page).

We saw a lot of people having their eggs Benedict and seriously we feel like trying! Then Evelyn, the super skinny girl (why is people around me so skinny!!) persuade us to order one and share. And we really had one for 4 of us to share, not sure what's name, because I let Yulun to choose.

I must say this is a good brunch place to hang out!

Personal Rating
Speed of serving: 
Price: $20 - $35

20 Kandahar Street Singapore, Singapore 198885

Nearest MRT station
Bugis station or Lavender station

The cafe @ level 1
Mon - Thur:9:00am - 9:00pm
Fri - Sat:9:00am - 11:00pm
Sun:9:00am - 7:00pm

The bar @ level 2
Sun - Thur:4:00pm - 1:00am
Fri, Sat & Eve of PH:4:00pm - 2:00am

Phone: 6294 0078 
Email: info@maison-ikkoku.net

For more you can check out their website or Facebook.

*disclaimer: If there is an image appearing on this blog post that belongs to you and do not wish for it appear on this site, please e-mail with a link to said image and it will be promptly removed.


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