Monday, 2 June 2014

Graduation Show Fusion 2014

Hello, I am back...again...LOL
Yes, is AGAIN ! I've been missing in action since the past week, because I went back to Malaysia and traveled to Krabi. Then after that and most importantly I've been working on a personal project, and I like the outcome! That new born baby feeling, feel so proud of it, ok I think I am overwhelmed, but I just feel satisfy with the outcome. Ok, I wont talk much about this now, will reveal some day!

Let's back to today's topic ok? I guess this article is more for art/design person, it is an event I went during end March. Well, it is a digital media graduation exhibition of our ex interns, and one of them is quite close to Tart because of Dota2, and yes, they are still keeping contact until today... See how powerful dota is? bring all the guys together!

So basically, their school which is Nanyang Polytechnic send our company an e-newsletter for inviting us whoever feel like attending, and if we are interested we may fill in a form to make reservation. Me and Tart thought of we never attend to any local digital media graduation show before, we only attended our own college's one to support our juniors, so we are kind of interested to see what's the local standard and also a meet up with our ex interns.

Two days before the exhibition, we received our invitation card from them.

There's a light stick inside, I was doubting it is a real light stick or what lol but didn't bother to try yet, because I want to try in a dark room! I like to play light stick!