Monday, 2 June 2014

Graduation Show Fusion 2014

Hello, I am back...again...LOL
Yes, is AGAIN ! I've been missing in action since the past week, because I went back to Malaysia and traveled to Krabi. Then after that and most importantly I've been working on a personal project, and I like the outcome! That new born baby feeling, feel so proud of it, ok I think I am overwhelmed, but I just feel satisfy with the outcome. Ok, I wont talk much about this now, will reveal some day!

Let's back to today's topic ok? I guess this article is more for art/design person, it is an event I went during end March. Well, it is a digital media graduation exhibition of our ex interns, and one of them is quite close to Tart because of Dota2, and yes, they are still keeping contact until today... See how powerful dota is? bring all the guys together!

So basically, their school which is Nanyang Polytechnic send our company an e-newsletter for inviting us whoever feel like attending, and if we are interested we may fill in a form to make reservation. Me and Tart thought of we never attend to any local digital media graduation show before, we only attended our own college's one to support our juniors, so we are kind of interested to see what's the local standard and also a meet up with our ex interns.

Two days before the exhibition, we received our invitation card from them.

There's a light stick inside, I was doubting it is a real light stick or what lol but didn't bother to try yet, because I want to try in a dark room! I like to play light stick!

On that thursday, we went to the exhibition after work, just in case the food are gone when we reach there(most probably la) we bought subway bread as dinner. I think we leave office a bit late, that's why when we reach there, the opening ceremony was about to start already.

We went for the registration and got a free gift, which is a note book, quite nice and useful gift, I will show you all later.

After that, we thought of walking around and have a look, or maybe see if there is any food left, we are tired and hungry at the same time. But we have been asked to have a seat as the ceremony is going to start soon, so we go and have a seat unwillingly lol

The ceremony started with some talks, and I was expecting something to happen, maybe there would be balloon falling down, or the light stick will change its color, some special installation, but nothing happen though...Maybe I have given too high expectation la.

Finally wait till the ceremony over, we are free to walk around, we were starving, so we decided to have some food first, before we go explore around. 

How lucky there is quite some food left! When we just settle down to have our dinner, there's this industry people approach us and talk to us, honestly I didn't expect that someone will come and social with us lol...and I suck at social, especially with strangers, and I don't really understand his "language", we are not really in the same channel. So we faster finish our food and left lol (so not professional I know)

So we started looking around. It was quite awkward because they were like standing there and looking at us, so much pressure! You know, some time we just want to see their artwork, but they were like waiting for us to ask question(some of them will talk to us initiatively) , but we have nothing to ask! lol *awkward situation* If we come for recruiting maybe we will want to know more about the student, but we just want to look around, and exchange name card.

Bumped into one of our ex intern( the short hair girl on the left), she was presenting to some guest. She also presented together with her partner to us after this, about their oversea project, very cool one, they went to Shanghai, and establish or create a project there! Why our college no oversea experience? :(

An installation allow you to draw on iPad, then ur artwork will show on the screen.

Tart says he know about this student from their website, looks good! Some more named Justin LOL ok, Justin was his English name during college time, I used to call him that until we get together.

This make me thought of one of my classmate - Gene, I am not sure why, I guess maybe he did something do with deer before I guess.

Okay, this a funny one indeed, this is one of our ex intern's booth, the one that until now colleagues still say they miss him so much and he is cute. You know what, when we reach his booth, he is gone! HAHA he just put his Mac book there with close condition and most funny is why is there WINE there?? Always the epic one! Never fail to make us laugh! hahaha

We walk around meet all of our ex interns, met Jack(the intern who play Dota with Tart) chit chat with him, only we feel less stress a bit, because of those gaze when u look at their artwork, we need some where to rest too.

Bumped into another ex intern who name Khar Wan, she will be joining us to be full time soon! Tart ask her help to distribute his name card, and she so nice help Tart! We saw her Facebook there is a very nice tree house decor, she says it was her classmate's decor.

See! so nice hor, her name card also put quite some effort!

Notebook/artbook from Fusion 2014, nice gift! Thank you so much!

Conclusion, the standard is hard for me to judge, but I do realize something, is their portfolio, everyone is using the same layout and same template! I don't know why, but all of their portfolio is vertical scrolling site, not sure if is inside the brief or what. But I think portfolio site can be more creative or out of the box la, instead of using the same template for the whole batch, you know? 

Anyway still congrats to all the students! Especially all of our ex interns! May you all have a bright future :)

In case you are interested on their artwork, here is their official website

p/s: I tested the light stick later on, and it is a real light stick haha silly me doubted it!


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