Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Review of Tonkatsu By Ma Maison @ Mandarin Gallery

Wanted to blog about this quite awhile, I still remember it is introduce by one of our friend's friend around 2 years ago, then whenever Sherly comes, and we wonder where to meet, it will turn out to be going here, it has become a must go place whenever she comes.

Tonkatsu By Ma Maison

Incase you don't know Tonkatsu means deep fried pork. They specialise in the Japanese fried pork cutlets. All set meals here come with a bowl of white/multi-grain rice, soup and pickles. Try to come before 7pm, otherwise, you will need to be prepared to queue.
I guess we were kinda lucky that we went there earlier that day, so we only queued for awhile. The past few times we came, we had always been seated outside (opp the main restaurant), but this time it was a little different.

I guess it was managed by a Japanese? but I confirmed there's quite a few Japanese worker there, the one who served us is a Japanese, maybe because of his accent, we had a few jokes while making order, it is a funny one,but he was very polite though.

This appetizer named Oroshi, is actually white radish, normally the shape is supposed to be round, not sure why that day it come in solid lol. However, this is good for health, it helps to refresh the digesting process before the meal, but we did not really know how to appreciate it, it is kinda tasteless, so normally we will just leave it, I think I should change my habit, next time must finish it.

For rice, u get to choose plain steamed rice or Jyukkokumai - multi grain rice. I prefer multi grain rice, because I think it is more tasty and healthier than plain steamed rice.

The cabbage mix with their sesame sauce is one my favourite! It is so crunchy and with the sesame sauce, they make a perfect match, I love it so much! Actually there's a purpose for having cabbage which is to help cleansing the taste of tonkatsu, providing a balanced diet, so must eat more ok?

If not mistaken, 3 of them order the same meal set which is Prawn & Hire Katsu Set. The overview of the meal set, the potion is quite big. As I mention earlier, the rice, tonjiru(miso soup) and cabbage are refillable, I still remember the first we came here, all of us keep refilling everything, like a hungry ghost. I wonder how I did that, because now I can no longer refill so many times lol.

Although I know here is specialists with pork, but I felt like having a chicken that day, so I ordered Chicken Cheese Roll Katsu Set.

Look at the cheese and vegetable inside, omg, looks so delicious! *I am hungry now* But of course, their chicken cannot beat their pork, I love this is because I love the taste of chicken mix with cheese and vegetable.

Everyone's meal of the night.

After meal, there is this light jelly dessert. We almost forgot about this and was about to leave lol.

Picture of me with Sherly before I end this post. Can't wait for her to come visit us again!

Personal Rating
Speed of serving: 
Price range: $28 - $40

333A Orchard Road #02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery

Nearest MRT station
Somerset station

Mon - Fri:11:00am - 3:00pm
Mon - Fri:3:00pm - 5:00pm*
Mon - Fri:5:00pm - 10:00pm
Sat, Sun & PH:11:00am - 10:00pm

*Drinks & Desserts ONLY

Phone: 6733 4541

For more you can check out their website(Japanese) or Facebook.


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