Monday, 7 July 2014

A little blog renovation

This is about the changes I did for my blog, although you may have spotted all.*applause*  For me, I sometimes will find my website/blog imperfect(although nothing is perfect, I just want it to look better and better), so I will always try to improve my site/blog for better user experience and make it look nicer.

Let me show you my previous blog look :

haha, i printscreen when I am log in, so you can see the edit's tool.
 New look with background!

I found this floral background which is quite nice, and I try to apply on my background, surprisingly it fit well! Previously I try to make my background clean and clear, by not making it look plain I added a green texture on my article background, my concept is when people reading, they are looking at green(at least) haha!

But in the end I find I still prefer to have a white article background for easy to show content and also customising font's color. However, white color background is too bright for this background, so I apply a texture for it. 

As I mention I am Libra baby, asking me to make decision is like killing my mind bit by bit, I will got stress out. I asked opinion from Tart and Carmen. They both say now is better than before, at least not so plain.

Then, remember last time there was a scroll to top button? Now I make it scrolling in two way, scroll to top and to bottom.

I realised in mobile my blog page are jumping, sometime you may see 3 posts in a page, sometime only one posts, sometime some post are missing. Then after research I found out what causing this happen, it is because some of my posts are too long, so to solve this, I just have to use jump break, read more is the result of using jump break. So it helps shorten your long article and make your page length more consistent.

Another thing I have change is the divider, I found the previous divider not so nice, look a bit boring and not so obvious, so I did a bit of sketch, and this is the final result. Again, thank for Tart helping me to choose, because I really sketched a lot(all almost same pattern).

Did a bit of design for my subheading and quote, I personally love it very much.

Next and Previous button at article page. I think it quite blade in with the divider.

Blog pages navigation, actually I wanted to add this previously, but then I spotted there's a bug when you view by mobile. Then I found the current one, which is the one you hover the button, my photo will be popping out, I thought it is more interesting so I use it.

Then recently I saw people using it again, so I was thinking might be someone fixed the bug, so I am giving it a try, but it is still the same, I only can use it for desktop version. I actually prefer this pages navigation then the next and previous button, because it is more easier to navigate and go to the page you want.

So in the end, I keep the button but adding this pages navigation, happy ending!

That's it, I guess I didn't miss out anything, unless u spotted anything else? hehe Anyway, feel free to leave me a comment of how you think of my new renovation :)


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