Friday, 25 July 2014

Ken's farewell lunch with Golden Pillow 933

Ken is one of the 德高望重的功臣(person who has rendered outstanding service) in our company, and he is leaving, so how can we not have a farewell for him? 

Normally we will have a farewell lunch or dinner on somewhere when someone is leaving, but this time they decide to have it in office, so they ordered for delivery foods.

Have you ever heard of Golden Pillow金枕头 before? It is actually large toasted bread with curry chicken within. The bun looks like a soft pillow, is where the "pillow" come from.

I was kinda excited to try it out!
Here is the packaging:

Ta-daah! The legendary Golden Pillow, some more there are 5 of them!

According to them, we ordered a few flavours which is chicken, mutton, fish and Abalone Curry Chicken. Do they look like pillow for you?

Some other side dishes of the day.

One of our company's culture, wait for don't-know-what-it-is. Not sure why everyone is so paiseh to start the meal or don't know to start(including me who was busy taking photos and I really don't know how to start)

We need people who are more experienced! So Ken and Atan took the first move, starting by tearing the bun.

There's a waxed paper contain the curry gravy. With this method of cooking it can avoid the curry gravy from seeping into the bun and turning it into a soggy mess.

Whoever think up this really smart! I mean how could they thought of putting this whole curry with waxed paper into a bun, and how do they did that?

Ken asked us, how they make this? by putting the curry in first then cook together or after finish cook the curry only put in the bread? If so, how do they did it? lol seriously no one can answer!

But I found the answer online, here is the recipe, give me a round applause please haha.

Look at that curry! There are Golden Pillow Curry Chicken Bun & Golden Pillow Curry Fish Bun.

Personal Rating
Price range: $14 - $40
Other: Halal, Delivery services available*

Minimum order required due to different area.
$3 Delivery charges apply for every order. 
One hour advance booking is required.
Delivery time starts from 11 am to 10 pm.

1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #05-11 Enterprise One (S) 415934

Daily:9:00am - 9:00pm

Phone: 6323 8933
Fax : 6222 8933

For more you can check out their website.

Getting high by only drinking soft drink? haha! He was forced to have a speech for everyone, or else he would not get his farewell gift. 

The face of finally it is done, I can get my prize hehehehe!

Here is a picture with his farewell gift.

It is money$$$ neh!! Although some of them are fake inside hahaha! 
It means "Oh no! This time really in a big trouble! I need to take off my pants already!"
The guy look like him oh? drawn by Tart too.

A chibi style portrait of him by Tart as one of the farewell, and he loves it so much! As you see the details are mostly toys, he is sometime a playful father. The bear is actually a middle size plush that had been around his seat since long time ago, is his favourite, but because it wasn't washed, no one dare to touch the bear haha.

A card made by our designer, there's a hidden joke here but only the company people will understand.

The "bo jio" get us in trouble, boss questioning us what is that mean? hahaha!

Here is the gift we got from him few days ago before he left, everyone have one different board game on their table with a lovely note. 

Here is Tart's one and mine.

A dessert during the end of the day, not sure is part of the farewell lunch or prepared by someone else.


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