Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Something I have achieved

Well well, I know I disappear quite often recently, because there are quite some works and activities going on last month, and I don't even have time to have a proper rest yet (that kind of caused me having a very terrible skin now and feeling sick).

There's supposedly a post before this post, which I have completed the article week ago, but the post is totally gone...maybe I accidentally deleted...*bang the wall*

Besides all these "bad news", I think I did achieved quite some achievement last month, which deserves a celebration, haha, just saying, I think all I want now is a proper rest and chill.

As my previous post said, I've been working on a personal project, which is actually done before June, and the site has launched during first of June. Everything is quite sudden, one day she look for me, ask if I can help her for her online store, I was new to e-commerce website but I am interested to give a try, so I try to explore on it, after that I decided to accept the job.

So I must thank Melissa, because she gave me this opportunity to explore new thing, as I didn't do any e-commerce site before. I often think that, to create an e-commerce site, you will need to have a very strong knowledge of backend, until I completed her site I only know there's so many way and resources of it, but of course you still need to have some knowledge on coding.

When she came to me, she roughly had the idea of how her site will look like, so I just followed the look and feel she gave me to develop the remaining details, working with her was straight forward and easy, she is also a very understanding person :)

I spend around 2 months for this? As in I went traveling to Krabi in between, and some other stuff. And her website is responsive site, which is more consuming, 3 platform is like developing 3 websites. She did written a short description of working with me, you can read here.

website :

After that, I've been researching for another site then arranging all my messy files, and this took me quite a while lol! I thought it will be easy and fast, but I was so WRONG it took a few weeks for all of these, as I am a Libra baby, sometime it is so hard for me to make decision which file should put in which folder lol *bang the wall x2*

Until one day my cousin which is Michelle (I called her Xiao Jing personally) comes and "remind" me about her blog (heart broken...thought she come to concern me...jkjk), so I work on her personal blog first, because she insists that start blogging only after the blog revamp, although I suggest she may blog first while waiting for me. And so that day, I sketched few layout for her to choose, then further work on what she chosen. Very surprising I completed everything in 2-3days! I am so amazed with my speed lol! break my own record! 

Well, so she had become my first blog design's client, and she is happy with the new look. I am working on this over the weekend, my weekend gone like that, so when I pass her the site, I asked her "你要怎样报答我?" By the way, her blog was the basic blog design, no other special function added.

Blog :

Also, I created a page to showcase some of my works, incase you guys want to know how's my work, and what can I do. My previous portfolio site is so outdated, and there are only contains all the works I work during study. Anyway this portfolio page is just a temporary one, once I done with my official, I will remove this page.

Portfolio :

Besides all these, I guess you have realise there are some changes of the look of my blog, I twist a bit the design and also added some function for better reading :) I will blog about that later.

That's all for today, thanks for reading :)


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