Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review of d' Good Café @ Holland Avenue

After a while, we went for another coffee hunt! As we enjoy the moment while having coffee in a very comfortable environment and doing some personal work. So basically, we are more focused to the environment than the food, but of course not those sucky food la, our tongue still got sense of taste.

So after playoffs of all the choices, we decided to go for this d' Good Café. At first I didn't expect much from this café, as the picture I saw from an online article wasn't that detailed, and the photo not that attractive, but I was so wrong, this is really an awesome place!

The decor is so nice that I couldn't resists to keep snapping photos, end up I have to rearrange all my photos because the sequence is very messy, I haven't fully explored level 2, but I'm already at level 3,  snapping photo here and there, after that suddenly is food photo pop out lol!

The area of this café has a lot of other coffee shops too, quite near the Holland Village MRT entrance.