Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review of d' Good Café @ Holland Avenue

After a while, we went for another coffee hunt! As we enjoy the moment while having coffee in a very comfortable environment and doing some personal work. So basically, we are more focused to the environment than the food, but of course not those sucky food la, our tongue still got sense of taste.

So after playoffs of all the choices, we decided to go for this d' Good Café. At first I didn't expect much from this café, as the picture I saw from an online article wasn't that detailed, and the photo not that attractive, but I was so wrong, this is really an awesome place!

The decor is so nice that I couldn't resists to keep snapping photos, end up I have to rearrange all my photos because the sequence is very messy, I haven't fully explored level 2, but I'm already at level 3,  snapping photo here and there, after that suddenly is food photo pop out lol!

The area of this café has a lot of other coffee shops too, quite near the Holland Village MRT entrance.

The view from downstair to level 2, you have to make your order on this level.

The Bar

A very well decorated bar, Polaroid photos everywhere. Basically, here is where you order your food and coffee, you can get cold water, tomato sauce, and dining utensils, all by self service. There's some chair, of course if you feel so, you can sit there, is like those bar we normally visit, but this time is a date with coffee.

The Lawn

Here goes the lawn, this is the selling point of this café, as most of the photo I see online of this café is showing this swings. There are some rocking chair too, it is the perfect spot for intimate conversations. The swings is always occupied by people, hardly get a chance to sit on there.

Is ok, because my target is actually power plug! haha!

There's a level 3, and there are a few ways to go up to level 3, I will show you one by one later. This is the first way, this entrance is just beside the swings.

More seats on level 3, but mostly are plastic chair, more suitable for group gathering.

I am really impress by the way they fully utilize their space!

This is the second way to get to level 3, by using the stairs, it is also well decorated also!

That's it? NO way!
There's an open space rooftop for those who prefer natural air than air-con(but I guess this only apply during night time, if not you will become roasted pig 烧猪).

Look very pretty right? Me LOVE! 
Let me proudly present you the balcony!

The Balcony

As I said, it is more suitable to come here during night time la, because u see it is so crazily hot, although there's fans inside. But well, no doubt this is kind of a nice place to chill.

This lady is a Shero! She can survive under the hot sun, using the computer like a boss. I must give you a round applause!

Ok, now let's talk about food. As I said, it is self services, for coffee, you can bring back to your place after you order, as for food, they will give you this alarm, it will alert you when the food is ready.

Here goes our coffee, I always ordered Caffe Mocha($5.80), he ordered Latte($3.00).

We ordered English Breakfast set($16.50) and Hawaiian Pizza($12.00), I am falling love with big breakfast recently.

Happy girl with her first meal of the day...LOL

After eating, we started to work on own stuff. Tart is drawing some new stuff to update his Tart Facebook page, do check out his page, he spend quite some effort for his drawing, please show him some love :)

Here is my troubled face while figuring out how to do that coding. 

We stay until around 5pm, so the sky begin to turn dark, here come another scenery of the shop, different feel. Now we got a chance to try that swing out, the crowd is getting lesser as time goes. 

We plan to leave but before that, we plan to visit level 3 again. Another reason is I die die want to try the lift, it look so interesting, but I fail to open the door in the beginning, luckily in the end we still able figure out the way to use it haha!

So this is the third way to get to level 3, this is convenient for those who carrying a lot of coffees(or less), wheelchair and pram,  so considerate.

Yeah! We are able to get in! But then how this thing work? lol
Oh...you have to press on the level you want to go, if you let go, the lift won't move.

As the sky turn dark, they started to turn on the lights, it looks more romantic in a sense.

From this view, it looks a bit like Taiwan - Jiu Fen九份

After all the snap snap snap picture moment, we leave the café, really a nice café to hang out. They put so much effort for the decoration and the coffee is good too! I will definitely visit this café again!  

Personal Rating
Speed of serving: 
Price range: $3 - $20
Other: Wi-Fi & Power socket

273 Holland Avenue #02-01/02 Singapore 278992

Nearest MRT station
Holland Village station

Sun - Thu:10:00am - 10:00pm
Fri - Sat:10:00pm - 11:00pm

Phone: 6219 9807
Email: whatsbrewing@dgoodcafe.com

For more you can check out their website or Facebook.

Click here for a Virtual tour of the café.


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