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Quick update of August 2014

Hello everyone!
I dare not to put "readers", because I wonder if there is anyone reading my blog lol.

So, please feel free to leave me some comment (of course please with good intention la) , just let me know you are there! :)

First of all, my apologies, I am again MIA for quite awhile last month. Because I went back home to Malaysia last month, then after coming back to Singapore I had been kinda busy and fall sick.

To clear some spider web of my blog, this is gonna be a quick update post of my August, I guess whoever read my Dayre will see similar content or picture in this post, as I almost update my Dayre daily. Although last month I MIA quite a few times in Dayre too.

 So August is a month for #tartnshan, it was our 5th anniversary month! We didn't really celebrate through, so we treat the Penang trip as one of our anniversary celebration trip, we capture a lot of couple photos on the beach.

Kinda enjoy the moment at Lone Pine Hotel, at such a nice hotel, we love this hotel ever since Jason(my lecturer) brought us there few years back. We never really go any trip with just both of us, so it is a very good experience!

After coming back from Malaysia, I fall sick, thanks to my dearest Tart, he passed his germs to me, then I got sore throat, running nose, fever...everything come together omg!

Besides that, after this round go home trip, I got very serious homesick! I really cannot, I feel like go back to Malaysia everyday. Also because I fall sick, that make me weaker, in terms of mentally and physically.

I guess perhaps this is the anniversary month, Tart being so sweet, he bought me quite a few stuff, but me such a terrible girlfriend, don't even get him anything, because I am so broke! He bought me a Hello Kitty moon cake from BreadTalk! I love this very much! The packaging I mean, I don't eat moon cake, so he will clear 'em all for me, haha!

And then, one day he caught a moment that out of my sight, he bought me a rose. It has been quite a while since the last time he bought me a flower.

This year, we have no anniversary dinner, we treat the Penang trip dinner as the one. But then we also go for cafe hopping as a replacement, this cafe was chosen by Tart. They said this is one of the most spacious cafe in Singapore, I totally agree! Okay, I don't want to tell much first, I will blog in detail later.

But this cafe hopping experience change my life a bit, I own a Macbook Pro after this!

So the story was that day I expect to go this cafe enjoy delicious food and yummy coffee, then some work after that. But SADLY, my lappy that served me for almost 6 years can't open a photoshop file! OMG!

I almost spend an hour to open it, because it doesn't let me close the file while it half way opening. After is successfully open, the file load SUPER SLOW......My lappy lagging all the while, I can't do anything with the performance like this, and I got so bored, just taking selfie and browsing internet until the time we go home. I feel so bad, because is like wasting time there.

We purposely wear white pants that day, no one help us capture the photo, so we capture by the reflection of the MRT glass.

We did experience few times MRT breaks down in Singapore, but most of the time, they will resume their operations or our area station will got fixed before we go out, but this time is getting serious shit! It is not fixed yet when we go out, and we have to take bus to the next station in order to take train, according to my colleague that inside the next station train, she says the train is not moving.

But here come our lucky star! One of our bosses stay at that area, he wait us at one of the taxi stand, so we have transport straight to office!

Due to the experience I had earlier, which is opening a PSD file took me almost an hour, by the day itself, Tart says just buy a Macbook Pro, since I wanted it for so long, and is just a matter of time to get it earlier or later. 

He offer to pay half of it, and now the lappy that I bought and bring to Singapore is now officially his, although it is like already his belonging since long time ago, but nominally is still mine.

So the history of the lappy is, it is a Asus brand lappy, I bought it before I came Singapore just because I know my Toshiba is dying soon (but it still able to stand for a few more years! Good job!), but then his old lappy is consider dead, so I borrow him mine...then borrow until today...LOL Finally it is his!

We use our savings(for other purpose) to buy it, I have a hard time to convince myself to get it by now, because it is very expensive! Then until I convinced myself, they have no stock, part of the reason is they just renew the Macbook Pro.

I am so happy finally can strike away Macbook Pro from my wish list!

One of our cutest intern's last day, she is the first one who got loved by our department head, he always stay back teaching her scripting, she got a notebook during her last day! Which is first time ever happen that our head buy gift for an intern! HAHA! So everybody shocked! 

She brings Polaroid camera to the office to take picture with everyone!

That day is also the movie night of our company, which happens once in a month, to celebrate pay day lol. So basically, we will order dinner to office, then watch some movie, so far I joined twice, and both of the movie choice are kinda mind f*ck for me!!lol

What I mean is the indie movie, which I don't really know how to enjoy. Next time have to reconsider before we join the night haha!

After I bought my Mac-baby, I totally have no time to touch it at all, because all the busy schedule and tiredness, I am still a quarter patient. Until weekend I finally open it to watch <爸爸去哪儿 第二季> and install software I need!

Belated Birthday dinner for cousin at 10 at Claymore, and damn I forgot to bring my camera that day :( So say goodbye to good quality picture.

I guess that's all so far, see ya in next post! :)
Welcome September!


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