Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday

This year 26th of April is our beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday, which is the period of time when I was going back to Malaysia. Luckily the timing is just right, if not I gonna missed out this big family gathering, which used to happen during CNY, but maybe now is even rare because some of us are at Penang and Singapore. That's why those gathering is so important and cherish-able.

My brother has volunteered himself to create a birthday card for grandpa in less than a week, while me and Jin Pei(cousin) already did the present hunt. Here is the masterpiece from him, combine all the grandsons and granddaughters' selfie and two 'future grandson-to-be'. *giggles*

Inner design is a landscape ink, actually before refinement it was black in colour, then he got many comments from our "clients" - aka adults say that, don't use black, so he changed to grey blue. We wrote our wishes here to grandpa. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Grandpa's present hunting day

O-hai everybody!

This year is my lovely grandpa's 80th birthday, the "adults", our parents, uncles and aunts decided to have a big family celebration during his big day. As a grandson and granddaughter how can we not get him anything? But to be honest, getting a birthday present for grandpa is not an easy job at all.

We opened a group for this, but not much people came out with a good idea for his present. Grandpa loves to drink Chinese tea, so I did suggest to buy tea leaf for him. According to the research, Chinatown is the place that sell Chinese tea leaf the most, so we have this present hunting sunday with Tart and cousin.

We waked past a few stall, we changed our mind, we wanted to get him a seal instead. There are quite a few stall selling this, one of them got quite a lot pattern, but then the attitude sucks. We just wanted to have a look at the seal, he shouted at us fierce-fully "hold it carefully ya!" then he come over and "re-arrange" the seal that we touched.

Although we consider buying those seal, but we left, because we don't want to buy from such people. We seek for another stall instead, then we saw this stall.