Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday

This year 26th of April is our beloved grandpa's 80th Birthday, which is the period of time when I was going back to Malaysia. Luckily the timing is just right, if not I gonna missed out this big family gathering, which used to happen during CNY, but maybe now is even rare because some of us are at Penang and Singapore. That's why those gathering is so important and cherish-able.

My brother has volunteered himself to create a birthday card for grandpa in less than a week, while me and Jin Pei(cousin) already did the present hunt. Here is the masterpiece from him, combine all the grandsons and granddaughters' selfie and two 'future grandson-to-be'. *giggles*

Inner design is a landscape ink, actually before refinement it was black in colour, then he got many comments from our "clients" - aka adults say that, don't use black, so he changed to grey blue. We wrote our wishes here to grandpa. 

We celebrate his birthday at this Restaurant Sam You.

After settling down, present time! 3 presents all given to grandpa one by one.

Ho ho ho, grandmom complains why she don't have liao! *bo jio gesture*

Then grandpa says give the card for her, and she laughed! Is great to see they smile so happy :)

Love grandpa kind smile :)
He can recognise each of us, and me who mostly don't put on make up during family gathering,but my selfie on the birthday card is with make up plus without spectacles (and also maybe the selfie angle), he couldn't recognise me! LOL! My cousin laugh so hard at me -.-

After he figure out it was me, he was so afraid me of getting hurt, he faster show me his thumb finger and said it was pretty! So sweet of him :)

Grandparents with all the grandsons and granddaughters and also with the present.

Okay so lets come to the food.
We ordered a set with 8 dishes but additional 1 noodles (长寿生日面 Longevity birthday noodles -usually we have it during birthday) to make it 9.

First one is the Chinese appetizer Special Four Season Combination 冷热四喜拼盒, then the next one is Braised Shark's Fin Soup With Seafood 海霸皇海味翅, don't worry it wasn't really shark's fin soup la, something else replacing the shark's.

Steamed Jujube Fish in Crispy Ginger 豆鼓脆姜红运鱼

I am hungry while typing those food, as in I am having them now!
This piggy I didn't have much, as I try to control not to eat too oily food.
Whole Crispy Piglet 沙皮全体猪

Two Varieties Prawn鸳鸯活草虾, people like me who don't really eat prawn, but I kinda like this!   Fried Organic Vegetable with Garlic 清炒蒜粒青龙菜 this is only my favourite of the night!

I skipped one of the rice, straight to the last two dishes we had.
So we have this 长寿生日面 Longevity birthday noodles, which come out when I almost very full.
Then ended with dessert which is Chilled Sea Coconut with Melon 冬瓜海底椰.

In between we have some much photo section.

Guys mostly in blue mood that day.

Four of us, we grow up together, although now we are no longer staying nearer and hang out like what we used to be before. Even a CNY gathering is not easy for us, so we cherish every moment when we meet up.

Group photo included the two bfs.

Also a photo of four of us with the grandparents.

After the dinner is over, everyone head to grandparent's house to have this cake section!

Big Family photo!! <3
aww I love this!
The two Bfs take turn to take group photo too!

Sing Birthday song time! Look at their smile, so lovely!

Awww! This is so sweet!
They are one of the sweetest couple I even seen, I remember there is one time when grandmom is sick, grandpa spends all his time to taking care of her, and he doesn't really sleep, even now, daily life, grandmom is always his first prior! So grandpa deserve a kiss from his beloved women of his life!

It was taken by my cousin, and I make it into a GIF! Hehe, one of my favourite GIF :D

After the cake section, photographer started his set up journey, is time for a proper family photo! Firstly we will have have a big family photo, after that will be each family take turns.

This is how it look after set up lol
Looks so exaggerated hor?


Ended this post by my family photo.
Love this photo too, because my daddy is smile happily in this photo :)
Oops...grandparents seems tired for the non-stop photo section =/


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