Friday, 3 October 2014

Grandpa's present hunting day

O-hai everybody!

This year is my lovely grandpa's 80th birthday, the "adults", our parents, uncles and aunts decided to have a big family celebration during his big day. As a grandson and granddaughter how can we not get him anything? But to be honest, getting a birthday present for grandpa is not an easy job at all.

We opened a group for this, but not much people came out with a good idea for his present. Grandpa loves to drink Chinese tea, so I did suggest to buy tea leaf for him. According to the research, Chinatown is the place that sell Chinese tea leaf the most, so we have this present hunting sunday with Tart and cousin.

We waked past a few stall, we changed our mind, we wanted to get him a seal instead. There are quite a few stall selling this, one of them got quite a lot pattern, but then the attitude sucks. We just wanted to have a look at the seal, he shouted at us fierce-fully "hold it carefully ya!" then he come over and "re-arrange" the seal that we touched.

Although we consider buying those seal, but we left, because we don't want to buy from such people. We seek for another stall instead, then we saw this stall.

He provides a few services, his attitude is much more better than that guy just now, so we decided to get from him, a seal and a calligraphy painting. So he started working after we had given him the text we wanted to add onto the seal and the painting, but we weren't sure about the traditional writing of those words(in my generation we learnt simplified Chinese text), he said never mind he can check, he took out his thick dictionary out and started checking, I saw a few more under the table, so professional!

He is done with the seal, and now he starts working on the calligraphy painting. We decided to ask him to draw寿比南山, it means "may your life last long like the South Mountain!"

He is very steady kind, because when he drawing, he is fully focused, if you want to take order, you will have to wait until he is done with his current work. 

The seal that he is selling may not be as much as the shop that we saw just now but his attitude win liao! How also won't go buy from that fierce uncle's shop.

Choices of the seal he is selling.

After we are done with present hunting*pheww~*, we went to have our earlier dinner before we head back.

There's so many restaurants in Chinatown, but I never try any before, anyway I seldom come here. Then we choose this, because my cousin came here before, and the shops around this place is always crowded, so would to test out how it taste.

Oriental Chinese Restaurant 东方美食饭店

It is Szechuan cuisine restaurant (四川菜,东北菜), so I have expected the food will be spicy and heavy.

That's all what we order, we try to balance between spicy and non-spicy food, I think we ordered too much that we can't finish lol. 

The one in golden color (forth picture) is deep fried pumpkin recommended by cousin, he says he doesn't like pumpkin but his friends introduce this to him, and he likes it.

Mapo Tofu麻婆豆腐(fifth picture) is very spicy until I cannot, even though I like Mapo tofu, but I can't take it, suitable for those who can eat spicy. All the dishes costs around $5-$10 each.

BBQ skewers $1/each but minimum order is 2, I won't order this I know there is a minimum order, because too many foods we had order already.

The stuff there are mostly china people(by their accent), we sit near just beside the entrance, because inside looks stuffy. Then there's one lady stuff standing in the entrance also, to serve the customer, and to take order from customer who sit outdoor. So every time after she take order or when she try to call the other stuff, she doesn't walk to the back and talk, she shout from the entrance to the back, and her voice is truly a "big bomb", so try to imagine the whole experience of having dinner just right beside her. ヽ(`д´;)/

The overall is ok, so if you are looking for spicy food or Szechuan cuisine, here is the right place for you to go, you just have to prepare an ear plug so that you can fully enjoy your meal without  hahaha!

Personal Rating
Speed of serving: 
Price range: $1 - $15

195, New Bridge Road, Singapore 059425

Mon - Fri:11:00am - 5:00am

Phone: 6227 7769

Present we got for grandpa, the packaging given is kinda suck lol, but we have no time to prepare a new one, should have asked the guy give us a nicer one.

Is a Laughing Buddha :D

Calligraphy painting, nice hor? I like it colorful! :)


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