Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Purple Hair Highlight

I have been staying in Singapore for almost 3 years, but there is one funny fact about me, which is I never have any haircut done in Singapore so far. It is either I am so in love with my current attached salon or maybe I thought it will be cheaper to have my hair cut in Malayisa lol.

The salon that I'm going currently is Number76. Before this I didn't really attach to any, mostly my hair cut is done in random salon, and it cost less than RM50. Probably after I shifted to Singapore, number76's price seems more affordable for me, and I really wanted to try it out since a lot of blogger is promoted about it.

During my first visit to Number76, I was kinda stress. Because I never enter any 'costly' salon, the environment is more 'high-class' than those salon I used to visit, it do stressed me out a bit. My first hair stylist was Yoshi, I love his work! He make me feel my hair can be so beautiful! But too bad he shifted to another branch after that. Ever since I got my hair done by Yoshi, I was attached to Number76, because every time I walk in with ugly hair, then come out with confidence.

My second visit was having my dip dye by Odera, I won't say I don't like his work, but maybe his english wasn't that good, and this caused me a bit trouble in communication with about what I want. But turn out the result is good! At first I couldn't accept my hair become so pink, but quite a lot of people told me it is nice and it suit me, one of them is my boss lol!

After I try Steve, then continuous until today. easier to communicate since he is Chinese also. He always try his best to give me some best advise(although sometime he might be a bit 'fierce' lol), what I can do with my hair or what I should avoid. Most of the time I got rejected on certain thing I want to do, just because at that situation my hair wasn't advise to do that. Like I can't perm my hair after I bleached my hair, because it might cause my hair break.

Normally I will fix my hair the day after I came back to Malaysia from Singapore, because I can't stand my ugly hair anymore. Here my hair fixing day before my Krabi trip.

I got arranged to a private room because that day is so full. 

I always got this very bad 'curse' or I should say I already get used to Singapore's air. Whenever I back from Singapore I will got running nose, and it will happen for few days, maybe Kuala Lumpur's air is worse than Singapore's air I don't know. But well, this made me feel even worse when I was in the salon, especially if I have to do any hair treatment, or hair dye that take me more time, I will dieeeee 囧

This day a bit special, because I bump into Jessica. I tweeted about it, and she found out very fast LOL. She asked people around her, including me, ask who tweet that haha. Wooh! It surprise me a bit with her straightforward personality haha. Another thing that surprised me was she brings books to read when she do her hair, very hardworking! I mean normally people are just playing with their phone or tablets, like me haha!(I just have no fate on books, I will fall asleep)

I curi took a picture of her just sitting beside me hehe.

Some trimming and purple highlight I did that day, I look chio or not? By the way, I decided to try keep my fringe instead of keep trimming it, let's see how much it can bring me to, just want trying different hairstyle, I really long time very keep it ever since my first cut during secondary school.

Following Tart back his home, and his mom prepared some dishes for us, so lovely! They cook chicken drumstick, but they aren't taking any of it, they give it to us, because they think we don't eat this that often, this is the love parents could give.

I am ready for my trip the next day :)