Sunday, 20 September 2015

HLJJ Farewell lunch at Fika @ Beach Road

I am typing this at the exact date of a year ago that HLJJ left the company, time flies. She has the loudest laughter in the company, so even she is not an expert in telling jokes, or even she don't talks, just try to make her laugh(she is quite easy to trigger), and her laughter will brighten your day.

A year ago, she was planning to left the company to pursue her dream to live in Japan. Even though in the end she didn't go there for certain reason. Until today I still feel that, the company is not that "fun" without her laughter.

She made everyone with some cookies, put it in a jar and some note with it.

Photo courtesy of HLJJ

I've been assigned to prepare her present and organise her farewell lunch. Since it has to be Halal, I have been asking recommendation from our muslim colleagues, and the outcome is to Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro.

We were divided into 3 groups, and we went for a ride with HLJJ's car, then we came to this car lift which I felt was quite interesting(kampung girl never experience this before), actually all of us were quite excited that time.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Xcape Season 2 and J's @ Purvis Street

A while back, there's a trend of playing escape room, not sure if everyone has played before? I am quite interested to play at that time, but these games require at least 4 people per game. Of course I feel it will be more fun with a group of people, the more the merrier.

I am quite excited to find out that one of our company fun day is going to play escape game, wohoo!

So we are separated into 2 groups, one is Upside Down, 4 stars game and another game is Vampire Diary, which is 4.5 stars game. We get to choose which one we prefer, just write your name under which game your want, max 8 person per game, base on first come first get basis.

Without hesitate I choose Upside Down, it is simply because I am a bit worry of the horror element of Vampire Diary lol. For example maybe there's something jumping out in the half way...too much worries haha! (FYI there isn't any people try to scare you inside according to my colleague)

Here we come Xcape Season 2

Monday, 15 June 2015

Lulu's wedding dinner

Me and Tart was invited attend Lulu and Xenon's wedding dinner last year, *em-hem* yes it is last year. *bitter smile*

A little history of this friend of mine, we have known each other for more than 10 years already, I knew her since primary school. If my memory works well, she was one of my classmates during primary school, if she is not then I really can't remember how we know each other,HAHAHA. She used to call me 美人鱼(mermaid) for not-sure-what reason(I can't remember anymore). Then she became my classmate again during secondary school form 4 to 5. We might not be really that close but still I really appreciated this friendship that go this far.

Anyway back to the wedding dinner topic, I think I am one of the few Chinese that attend wedding dinner on time! You know Chinese wedding dinner is always not punctual. I do hope that people who are invited to my wedding in the future will be punctual as well.

We reached there super early, the place is like almost empty when we reach, she is so surprised when she saw me, because she never thought I will there so early, as in for friends. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Quick updates of April and May 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope there's still someone reading my blog, although most of the time I am gone missing, すみません! *bow*

I actually thought of just straight to the post where I stopped(most of them are even last year's post), but I think it will be good that I have a short and quick update of what am I busying recently. Oh well, you will definitely know why I went missing from here if you follow my Dayre, or maybe you won't...because I've been missing in Dayre too for like 1.5 months or maybe even more! I am busy until a stage whereby I don't even have time to update my Dayre at all. If there's a time, I will use it to rest, I just don't want to do things that need to use my brain(yes, blogging need brain and time consumed).

I just done updated my Dayre days ago, so now is time for my official blog.
So why am I so busy even since after Chinese New Year?

Friday, 27 March 2015

Summary of 2014

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry as this is supposed to be a early-of-the-year post, but is end of March already! Time flies!

I have actually drafted this early February, but I am thinking of complete my Krabi post before it turns to one anniversary, so yea...haha!

As what I mention in my title, I am going to have a monthly summarised post(although it might not summarise enough, it is still quite a long post I think) for 2014 in blog, because this is going to be a long post, I would rather I blog about it here than Dayre(I mostly blog all the little detail of my daily life there, so follow if you keen).

I'm actually still going to blog about all the missing post for last year slowly(I am kinda stubborn in this), I know I have missed a lot but please bear with me, I need times draft all those missing pieces :) But first, let me skip these, and give an overview to 2014.

So, to talk about 2014, it was our second year staying in Singapore, I always wanted to blog about life here, I mean not those place we went, is more like what I feel of the life here. In fact, I am having this question(I think most of the foreigner has) whether should I go back to Malaysia, or when? Oh well, I guess will talk about that later maybe? Now, please follow me back to the highlights of each month in 2014.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Back to KL & Visit new house

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The last day of the Krabi trip, not going anywhere as the time we only have limited time, it's just enough for us to prepare and fly back to KL.

Everyone got enough sleep this day as compare to the previous days, most of us skipped breakfast. Me & Tart boiled water for these cup noodles that supposed to be our supper days ago. Luckily we kept it, I think we need it more during this day as breakfast snacks. It is a mihon base cup noodles, my first time having it, quite special!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 3

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Click here if you want to have an overview of the trip and others info.

Third day is a more chilling day, as we don't really have a plan(there's only one plan) for this day, we just simply explore the city, since we don't have time in the first two days.

Me & Tart before head out for brunch.

We walk to the city, while the others took bike, it is actually not bad, it means I can explore the place while we on the way and more #OOTD. *wink*

Let photo do the talk.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 2

Click here if you have missed the day 1 post.
Click here if you want to have an overview of the trip and others info.

A new fresh day had begun! 

This is the second day for our Krabi trip, everyone was up for breakfast to kick start the brand new day(although I am not enough sleep)...except Jin pei(he says he doesn't eat breakfast and he prefer sleep than food), everyone was up for breakfast, before this we didn't purchase the package with breakfast, because we thought there might be some food around we can try. 

However, we were supposed to go out quite early that day, so we had no choice but to pay for the expensive breakfast. Sometimes I like buffet meal, because I get to try variety of food, and I can choose to have more healthy food like salads and veggies.

After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to get ready for the next plan.

We would be going out to Phi Phi island this day. Everyone gathered here, and they divided us by groups, have to stick sticker to differentiate some more lol. I feel like I am on school holiday trip haha!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 1

Click here if you want to have an overview of the trip and others info.

We have booked a super early flight that day around 6am or 7am because it was cheaper. Look at my sickness face, you will know how important it is for me to have enough sleep.

First landed in Thailand! Sawadee Ka!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Summary of Itinerary

I am finally going to blog about my Krabi trip, sorry I know this is a super delayed post. Just treat it as if it t just happened ok? Because there will be more delayed post in coming, haha!

It might take me some times to complete the entire trip, so please bear with me :)

Disclaimer: I might mix/mess up details by accident, so pardon if it's not 100% accurate, but I'll try my best to keep it accurate! :)

The Trip

Well, our initial plan is going to Pulau Redang, plan canceled due to some of us couldn't make it. Then suddenly my cousin - Jin Pei ask if we want to join them to Krabi, we say ok since we never been to Thailand.

Of course we will google the place before we go right? Below is what I got when I google Krabi:

image source from online
If you really think this is how Krabi look like, you are wrong! This is an island that can reach from Krabi, but not Krabi itself, don't let the internet fool you. Oops...I sound a bit fierce, haha...nah, I mean just don't put too high expectation for this place.

So our trip is a 4 days 3 nights trip, we don't have any initial plans, we are on a free tour, but when we bought 2 tour packages on the spot, there's one and half day left in the tour.