Thursday, 26 March 2015

Krabi Trip 2014 - Back to KL & Visit new house

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The last day of the Krabi trip, not going anywhere as the time we only have limited time, it's just enough for us to prepare and fly back to KL.

Everyone got enough sleep this day as compare to the previous days, most of us skipped breakfast. Me & Tart boiled water for these cup noodles that supposed to be our supper days ago. Luckily we kept it, I think we need it more during this day as breakfast snacks. It is a mihon base cup noodles, my first time having it, quite special!

Head to airport and check in.

Then only we go for brunch at the airport.

I had basil chicken at the airport.

Look around and see if I can find that green curry cup noodles, so I can bring back to SG for ourselves and colleague, but too bad, been looking for these few days in the night market but couldn't found, finally I saw one at the airport, yes only one, which is selling in double the price :(

We sat down waiting for the flight.

After reach home we rest awhile, then follow family head out to have dinner. It is a new shop open nearby my house, I have never visit before(my trip to home are mostly in a hurry), they said it is nice.

Love the thai chicken leg! Ever since I have it I always wanted to eat again, even in Singapore when I saw a shop that's selling this, I really want to try, but is either the amount of people we have is enough or I just not sure if the others would like to have this or not.

Okay la, maybe not everywhere is the same yummy taste.

We went to visit our new house which I have never visited before lol. Almost the time to move in but it is just my first time here. By the way I am not around when they move, so paiseh need them to be my slave, help me do pack up lol. Let's have a rough tour of my new house.

Master bedrooms

Who is this silly guy there? haha!

My mom's paradise, because the kitchen is so much bigger compare to the previous one, my mom loves to cook.

Dry kitchen

Wet Kitchen

Finally come to my room. FYI, I had lose the fight with my youngest brother, so my current room is at downstair, while his is at upstairs. Never mind, they said my room is the biggest among all and it comes with a toilet, so I was like fine, 我委屈一点拿大一点的房间 lol. Wardrobe are bought from previous owner.

That's all for my little house tour, the next time you see it will be full of my stuff!

Went to fix my hair the next day...because of my careless, me all the while just thinking wanted to go settle my hair before the trip, so I can rest after the trip(although part of it is wanted to 美美take nice photo). 

But I am so wrong, I should dye my hair after the trip, because I will be in touch with sea water, and those color will easily fade off when they were in contact with the salty water. Totally out of my mind, when I realize about it, it was too late :(

When Steve look at me, he is like going to faint + angry, he asked me why don't I tell him I will be going to beach lol.

So lesson learned.
Never go dye your hair, if you foresee you are going to sea or beach or will be in touch salty water, that will cause you hair color fade off really fast. For this case, I only fix my highlighted hair, while the whole hair I just leave it as it is, even though Steve said the color did fade off. Luckily the amount of hair I did highlight was not a lot, if not I will die at choosing to fix it or not to fix due to the cost LOL.

Here come the hair after fixing.

Went Sushi Zanmai at The Garden to have some sushi snack before go home for dinner, because we are kinda hungry. Ok or not my snack? haha!

As my cousin is a staff there, he treat me dessert, he actually treat Pei before, I said don't need but he insists lol. I want to leave some space for mom's home cook, he come spoil my plan LOL. Ok lah, thank you for the dessert, Tart likes it.

Selfie in the car on way back home, this is how awesome if you have a car...and a driver. You can sleep, rest and selfie, true or not?

#leemamacook of the day!

Super delicious! How I wish I can bring them all to Singapore.


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