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Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 1

Click here if you want to have an overview of the trip and others info.

We have booked a super early flight that day around 6am or 7am because it was cheaper. Look at my sickness face, you will know how important it is for me to have enough sleep.

First landed in Thailand! Sawadee Ka!

First thing we did after landed, is to get a temporary sim card with internet! Yeah! Can't live without internet yo! After that we looked for transportation that can drive us to Hotel. He drove quite a distance, and I am like  can we reach Hotel faster and let me have a rest please.

Drive until half way, this driver stopped at some where else, which is obviously their tour office. The reason he gave was his car is very hot, he needed to let his van chill for awhile. He said we could come down from the car and walk around, obviously they wanted us to buy some tour package from them. 

Although yes, we may want to get some nice tour to hang out in these few days, but still I find this a bit hard sell.

The person explaining the packages to cousin and my uncle, there's a lot of categories to choose from, there is adventure type, chilling type, and more. I sat down and discuss with Pei after this, and also we try to negotiate the price. 

I tried telling him not to set the first day with heavy activity as I didn't have enough sleep, but in the end, we chose one package for the day itself and another for the next day. 囧 

After that we went all the way to our Hotel. Here we are!

This is the Hotel we would be staying throughout the trip - Aonang Buri.
While waiting for check in...

It is so greeny! A lot of plants, I like!

We would be going out but we were starving and we still couldn't check it yet at the same time, so we changed in the Hotel toilet, then We went to have our lunch.

While waiting the others to finish changing, I explored around the Hotel.

For the price I think is ok, but this area is kinda smelly, I have no idea where's the smell come from.

Hi, let me present you my elephant fat leg lol. Behind me is the place where we would have our breakfast the next day.

On the way to look for a place for our lunch, accompanied by sea view.

Selfie on the road side.

After 10mis walk, and we saw food! We were very hungry and lazy to look for others place (it seem like not much shop is open this early), so we decided to have it here. So this was our first meal in Krabi.

My selfie time again while waiting for food, super huge dark eye circle and eye bag that day. Below is my handsome cousin who named Jin Khoon, we often call him Lee Hom because he does look like him in certain angle.

My okok only chicken rice.

After lunch we walked back to Hotel, to wait for check in.

Finally we checked in! This the first room, my uncle and Jin khoon will be staying here. Aww, I often saw this elephant form's towel from online images,  this is my first time see it in real life.

The other's room bed is in this style, and the bottom left is me and Tart's room, and my elephant's head is missing, oh why?! HAHA!!

Chilling and Selfie! With my brother who is wearing STart - The hulk tee.

The Overview of the room.

After this, we all gathered at lobby, they pick up us by a Songthaew(taxi truck), boys/mans in the Songthaew, my uncle don't want to look at the camera lol. Jin Khoon is also wearing  STart - Crystal Maiden tees.

They dropped us on Ao Nammao Pier.  

It was a half day trip, my aunts are vegetarian, so they went to buy bread, in case they didn't prepare any. I got attracted by this, FOOD! that lunch just now was just not enough, haha!

We were asked to wait here, it was quite hot here although there's winds. 

We took this longtail boats to the bigger boat, because bigger boat must be on top of deeper water. Salute to those who were still able sit under the sun during this crazily hot day.

Life jackets all over the boat, more space to move around. I havd sea sick during one of the last trip, it is a herited from my dad. For the whole group, only me and Jin Pei had this issue, and we had already taken the pill. However, to reduce the chances of seasick, I try not to move around too much, or else I would get dizzy.

Tart left me alone downstairs here, and he went to upstairs to have sun bath. Luckily my brother accompany me, but then we also decided to go upstairs and have a look.

It waswindy up here and nicer view, but it was burning hot!! I didn't want to turn dark! I don't understand how they can stay here for so long, but after that they did feel a bit unwell after sun bath.

Behind there is where me and my brother sitting, under the shadow, so we can enjoy windy and nice view at the same time, without getting sunburned .

Upon reaching, we saw two colors in the sea, Ok I had to admit it was my first time seeing a cleaner sea compare to my own country. The view is stunning!

As usual, we had to take long tail boats to the shore.

After we reached the shore, we started exploring around and of course taking photos, we had been told that we would be staying here for around 1 hour. So this is the Tup island.

The sun is like trying to kill people or what? Everyone hide under the trees if they don't swim.

I guess beside swim or sun bath, there's nothing to do over here.

What we did was taking photos.

We couldn't even stand for awhile, then we went hiding under the trees already lol!! Too hot already, how to swim? Wonder what could we do within this 1 hour...

Most of us were feeling thirsty and started looking for food and drinks , so we went up to buy some drinks and cup noodles. After that we stayed here(it is more cooling up here) until they asked us to go back to the boat, so yea, if you don't swim (under the crazy sun) it is very boring here.

My first try on Green curry cup noodles, and it was delicious! We planned to buy some back to office as souvenir and bring home some for ourselves, but unfortunately we couldn't find any until the day we go home. 

We had our first snorkeling of this trip after we left Tup Island, and it was also my first experiences, quite excited about it! But Tart wasn't that happy, because he just learned swim, he is not yet ready for the real sea yet.

We bought quite some waterproof casing for Iphone and my GF6 camera, it finally come in handy! This was taken by my GF6.

Until then I found out it is not easy to take photo under the water...
Fishy swimming around, keep swimming keep swimming~~

Our boat view from water side.

None of my under photo looks good...Either I not so ready yet or I have been blocked by a group of fishy, this was really the best of the among the others LOL.

Yea, I have fat arms... :(

Taken by my phone.

Since we just bought this water proof casing, of course won't the miss the change to take a lot of pictures under or on the water.

 After that they brought us to another place for second times snorkeling, pass by Chicken island (the shape of the mountain looks like chicken).

Natural view which we don't usually see in city area.

For the second snorkeling, I just simply look around for awhile then got up and stayed on the boat, because I was so tired and hungry.

After that, it was almost dinner time, we ride boats to Poda Island for BBQ buffet Seafood sunset dinner, I was like YES!! Finally food time!! 

Some sunset photo requested by Tart, he said his parent took similar type of photo before. No filter no effect!

After that is food time! Where is the BBQ...?

The so called BBQ dinner...some of them are even chilled food, and  I saw some insects flying around omg...The only thing that attract me is the sauce, without the sauce the whole meal will be tasteless...

They are few person there doing food distribution for everyone, and there's a limitation of how much you could have for each portion. Of course you get more after you finish yours, but it still very depending of the quantity they prepared.

Seriously I feel we are being cheated...some of the food are even burned! To think about it, we have so much of this very energetic form of exercise - snorkeling, we were exhausted and hungry, so we just have to eat it, we were like "Damn! Just eat it first! Later only buy supper!" LOL

The sunset, I think we are late. We were half way eating, they were like shouting at us and say "The sun won't wait for you, faster go and have a look" lol! 

Oh yea, this is the place that I always see in on internet, and we are here now.

A family photo taken by Tart, that's why he is not inside.

After the sunset and the dinner...we had been stuck here, even the sun are almost gone, but still they didn't seem like going to bring us back yet :( I was actually feeling very uncomfortable because of the sea water making me very sticky!

It seemed like it is going to rain soon, half side suddenly occupied full of darks clouds, I was taking picture of this extraordinary sight, and my brother was "like I am in!".

Whenever we go near to the boat, they will like "no no no". We have no idea what are they waiting for, until the sky turn dark, I smelled some thinner then yes we know what are they going to do.

They are going to perform fire flames, but I feel is more like they are practising, they dropped it and the fire are out.

 After a few times of failed performance, our so called guide was finally willing to takes us home.

Before this, the guide asked if we want we can snorkeling after this, then my uncle was like "Ok if you go I go", my uncle thought he is just kidding(although I don't think so). On the way home, suddenly we can feel the boat slowing down, then we were guessing what is going on.

He stopped on some where, for the third times snorkeling!! Yes, during night time and my uncle kept telling us not to go down anymore, it is night time, not sure if there's any "dirty" stuff, and it is more dangerous compare to daytime, because it is totally dark!

Uncle now finally believe what he said, he laughed and told us he thought he was just kidding! HAHAHA!! 

Some of the brave guys went down for the night snorkeling, while most of us are staying on the boat. I was actually wondering, what can they see in such a no light situation? Fishes or other creatures see light sure swim away.

Then, they turn off the light, and I thought that's because don't want to scared the fish off. I keep heard someone said there's something in the water, then I keep look at the water. And what I see is...


The guide bring a bucket with full of sea water and then empty it out infront of us. Then now we know what's that! It is 蓝眼泪 (not sure what's call in english, google results shows a few, I am more prefer these both, Blue sand or sea Flyfire)!

According to research,  蓝眼泪 is a kind of micro-organisms living in the sea, and by the energy of the sea to survive.

Too bad, the situation is too dark, I didn't capture any photo or video of it, because they are hard to be captured by my camera, but it was really beautiful!

After this we went back to hotel, on the way back, the guide hoped that we had fun for today's trip, and asked if we can give them some tips. Because my cousin - Jin Pei is in service industry, so he is affected by the mindset that hard work in the service industry should be appreciated, so we gave them some tips.

Reached hotel around 8pm something, the first thing to do is to buy supper! So we can enjoy the food after shower in the room, don't have to come out again.

Like a small party in my brother and Jin Pei's room. No idea why we put the beer in middle of the TV lol.

Tom yam and Green curry!

Pizzas. Nom Nom Nom!

I know it is not good to have supper before sleep, but no choice, without fixing our stomach, how to sleep? You agree with me right? *wink*


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