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Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 2

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A new fresh day had begun! 

This is the second day for our Krabi trip, everyone was up for breakfast to kick start the brand new day(although I am not enough sleep)...except Jin pei(he says he doesn't eat breakfast and he prefer sleep than food), everyone was up for breakfast, before this we didn't purchase the package with breakfast, because we thought there might be some food around we can try. 

However, we were supposed to go out quite early that day, so we had no choice but to pay for the expensive breakfast. Sometimes I like buffet meal, because I get to try variety of food, and I can choose to have more healthy food like salads and veggies.

After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to get ready for the next plan.

We would be going out to Phi Phi island this day. Everyone gathered here, and they divided us by groups, have to stick sticker to differentiate some more lol. I feel like I am on school holiday trip haha!

Today no more long tail boat, we will be riding this speedboat.

Instruction and briefing given, the guy on left is the guide of the day, and this speedboat was his, so he kept on reminding everyone to take care of his boat, no shoes allowed on the boat.

Around 30-40 mins to the destination, it was  so hard to open our eyes because of the bright sunlight, so everyone put their sunglasses on. At the same time, the boat is like swaying us to sleep. 

Here we go...
If I am not wrong, this is the Bamboo Island.

The weather is so good and the beach view is really breathtaking! It is really my first time seeing such a beautiful sea water! I am falling in love with this beach!

The sexy man's back. haha

This fellow caught everyone's attention, he/she is having sunbath then, but I didn't manage to capture that picture, I missed it out! Damn!

We are not sure what to do here, and I am here because I am hiding away from the sun haha!
But wait, such a nice view! Let me snap a photo.

We walking toward the other side, they say there got more bikini to see lol! Guy being guy.

Lazy to swim, so most of the time taking photo!
Group photo of the young gang!

With him.

Gradient sea color! I love it! I shoot a short video of it.

After that, we left and headed towards Viking Cave to see bird's nest from...outside. Hmmm...I honestly can't see bird's nest...but still thought it is beautiful scenery.

Passing by Loh Samah Bay/PiLeh Bay, the view here is magnificent!

Here we go, this is the second stop- Maya Bay. As we see, it is full of boats already, no place for boats that just reach.

But they managed to work it out, we witnessed how they squeezed and pushed the other boat, and there we are, they parked in. Wow, very good teamwork!

Seriously, it is really very pack, but they got their way.

Another crowded place for us, my photo has been covered by people most lol. Oh well, browse through the internet only I just found out that there is one movie called “The Beach” was filmed on this island, and it was starring Leonardo Dicaprio!

Nothing to do beside taking photo then, let photo do the talking!

If you followed my Facebook, this was my profile picture months ago. I am taking this Final Fantasy photo from this awesome place :) 

 We headed to Phi Phi Don to have our lunch after that. It is a buffet lunch, I would say today's food is better than the first day BBQ dinner  bya lot!

My lunchie! Basically I just want to try all of them, so I mixed it up! That's why there's rice and spaghetti.

Some of them feeling thirsty, so they went and buy coke. They saw this traditional bottle pack which is harder to see in current day, so they thought of keep is as collection, getting more and more then.

Exploring around after the lunch.

I knew this photo is already over exposed, but I just wanted to show you the view here, I think it is quite beautiful here.

There is quite a lot of flavours of Lay's snack food here, is like really a lot. Actually it can be seen everywhere, even in the Krabi town as well.

They decided to have some dessert even though I was so full already, just wanted to try some local food.

Here is our Thai Pancake - Banana + Chocolate.
Quite yummy but personally think it is a bit too sweet.

I saw the local kids, looking for toy from the trash side, after that they sat down and played with what they got, looks pity :(

My uncle is looking at the map to see places we went before, and also try to recognise their name.

After the lunch and dessert, I am kinda worry, as I had this nightmare before that I am having food on a boat, I was quite full, then the boat waves make me feel sick, and I vomit throughout half of the trip, that's really a very terrible experience, I don't want it to happen again!

After this, we are heading to the next destination for the first snokerling of the day. On the way, they prepared some fruits on the boat, to let us cooling down in such a hot weather.

I actually not so interested to this round snokerling, but I kinda sense that, if I staying on boat, with the very strong wave(the wave there is much more stronger than yesterday's) I will definitely having a sea sick. To avoid that to happen, I had been "forced" to join the snokerling, but I found out that when I am in the water I actually kinda feel dizzy as well, it is not easy to swim in a strong wave sea.

I heard there's a few tourist said they saw some very nice fish, they even took photos, and the tour guide told them that, that is very rare to see, lucky them! I waving all the while, hardly really see those fishy in detail, I just knew they are all around us, blocking my way sometime lol.

Then finally we were going back! I managed to hold it on until we go back! YES-Lah! 

This second day is half day plan only, that's why we back so early. My personal opinion is that, for those who can't swim or not so interested for the scenery and photography, then I think this package is not suitable for you, you will be very boring then, you can always choose other package that suit your needs and interests.

We saw this when we reached, they have this small booths to sell our photos. These photo are captured before the trip, I try not to let them snap(but still they did) and added it with a frame, and sell it at TBH 100. I am no interested to get any, but we happen to see there is one me and Tart, and Tart was like can I buy? haha! Yeah, we bought one.

We are riding the local bus back to hotel, reach hotel at around 2pm. Weeee! rest time!

Yea, can enjoy own sweet time! Now only I am free to really exploring the hotel.

We are planning to rent a motorbike exploring the city at night during dinner. Ya, you can get to rent a motorbike from your hotel, but I guess is only for certain hotel. 

There's one thing must be done when you travel in Thailand, able to guess what is it?
Eating? No, we just ate. Shopping? No, night market not yet open. Massage? Yes it is!

That's one of our must do list for this trip, however the funny part is only few of us are doing, my uncle and aunt are not joining us lol! Young people nowadays ah...

We look out the package in the hotel, we choose the full body massage with facial, 1 hour plus for THB 900. Me and Tart did our massage in our room because their shop doesn't have enough space. The outcome is...it is more like apply lotion then a real massage lol! Like money wasted...

Before heading out to have our dinner

We rented 3 motorbikes, but end of the day we only use two of them instead. Some unhappy or unlucky incident happened, I would say this did spoiled our mood a bit. But never mind, as long as we managed to get it fixed before end of the trip.

His first time.

Dinner of the night, nah this is real Thai food! We ordered some vegetarian food as well, because there's two vegetarian here, overall the food is good.

Forgot what's the drink called, but I remember it was quite good.

Night market walk, there soap flower looks so nice, I would buy if it can really use to shower, but too bad, it is just for display.

We went here for a drink - Googie Bar.

Looking for souvenirs.

On our way back, saw this Hello Kitty inspired motorcycle taxis. I see they try to make this like Hello Kitty, they tried. hehe

There's a cute puppy in the shop, and my brother try to tease him/her, letting him/her bite his own fingers. Who knows this little fellow bites quite hard, he felt pain and he wanted to pull his finger back, but this fellow also don't want let go!

Such an innocent face(and fluffy!!), but actually "evil" inside lol.
But well, it surprise me, it won't follow people run away, he/she just sitting inside steady.

Saw this chicken drum stick from the night market, it looks quite delicious, we bought a few back hotel as supper, and yes it was yum yum and very fat haha!

Another highlight of this trip, I am going to try out my bubble soap I bought from Lush. This is my first time, I never know those bubble bath is made by this way! It was introduced by my friend Hui Ling, I happen to saw her photo with bubbles, so I asked her how she do that? Then she told me about this bubble soap, I got so interested to try, but too bad I don't have a bath in my home, so this trip I really hope there's a bath tub, and after confirm there is I am really happy!

I went to buy my soap immediately! Those soaps are handmade so it has expired date, so don't buy too early, I am thinking I bought it too early lol. The staff there will be very happy to assist you, you can always ask their opinion

My first soap, is Dorothy Bubble bars. My soap does melted, it suppose to be more rainbow-like.

I got to tell you I am using it the wrong way...hahaha! It doesn't shows a lot of bubbles, I thought it was the soap issue some more, so sorry, I blame the wrong soap - Dorothy. HAHA

My first soap wasted like that! :( Well, it is my first time, treat it as experience lo! I got another to try the next day.

Sneaking into my bubble world ZzZz...


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