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Krabi Trip 2014 - Day 3

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Third day is a more chilling day, as we don't really have a plan(there's only one plan) for this day, we just simply explore the city, since we don't have time in the first two days.

Me & Tart before head out for brunch.

We walk to the city, while the others took bike, it is actually not bad, it means I can explore the place while we on the way and more #OOTD. *wink*

Let photo do the talk.

Little Coffee, a cute and small coffee shop.

Love my skin here neh, no edit!

Here is the place we have our brunch, Jeanette's Restaurant.

I went to the toilet after, because my stomach a bit unwell. They help me took this two photos, thank you so much guys, but why isn't there any close up of the dishes, how we see then? lol

After the brunch we head to our only activities of the day.

Here we are, this is the place, come guess what are we going to do here?

I guess you can roughly know from this photo already right? Yea, so this is the activity of the day - the shooting game, which is legal for certain countries only, and Thailand is one of them, Pei said it is a must, cannot miss this chance!

The guys choosing which gun to play with.

A local dog, he is a bit afraid of people, my brother says this dog allow him to pet him before I come, but after he allow me to pet him, whenever my brother walk closer, this dog just go away lol. This make no sense! But well, he only allow me to pet him after that. There's more dogs there, but they are behind the glass and very fierce and big. I really a bit 怕怕!

Our package costs us around THB 6300++ and it is included free photography, which mean we can take photo inside. I personally think if you can, you should go with the free photography, more worth!

Our first gun is a sniper gun, KKK is the first one, then Tart, Pei, Hou (my brother) and me the last one, because I was the one holding the camera...hate it! LOL Actually is when the man ask who is the first, everyone is like stand still, no ones dare to start first, we are a bit of nervous.

This is the second gun, I can't remember what's it call, but well, after all I am still a girl, why should I  remember the name when guys can't remember a cosmetic brand name? hehe

Our package has 3 different kind of gun, everyone get to try each gun with few bullets, so we take turns. Here is the bullets.

The man that guide us doesn't need a ear cover, I think he is immune already.

My target is the left side - the person, while the other guys are all target to the circle.

I am actually the only one and only girl in this group, who has gun experience as I went National services before, I had experience with M-16 before, and I remember my result in NS for M-16 is quite bad, I didn't target well. By the way, not sure is the camera man's skill or I am really that bad pose when I am shooting, (I think) my pose is the weirdest among us LOL.

Here is my result! I got one hit to the target(hahahaha!YEAH!) and few head shots! The man thumbs up to me, and said I am dangerous, so don't mess with me ok? If not...please refer to my result below.

Guys with their results.

Me(in messy hair) with my result.

After that, we took some "poster" with those gun. I took a lot for them, and I only able to find few of myself lol. I don't want to be the one who holding camera next time!

How you think about this pose? haha Come out from my cousin.

We saw there is a very tiny and cute poodle in side the shop, so we asked if we can take photo with the little cutie as well, and they allowed! Omg it is so adorable!!

Me captured it at the right time, where the poodle look at the camera, awww!

After that, we don't know what to do, so we just walk around, night market haven't open, we are lazy to go to the city also. We went McDonald to have some drinks, as most of us are a bit thirsty.

They said this is a one of the must do in Thailand, so I did as well.

Very messy wires, like very dangerous.

Hotel nearby ours, this is so much nicer neh! Should choose this then! But of course it will be more expensive.

Back to room and have a nap.

Head out to dinner.

Waiting to be seated.

The other side of the restaurant is a beach, we reach there just on time, the sunset view is so beautiful!

I skipped the dinner part, as I am so lazy take picture hahaha, just want to enjoy my dinner, but basically is the same. Went to a coffee shop nearby and have a look, I have been attracted by its lovely look.

Look, there's a big bear inside, and look and feel is so girly and vintage.

Walking to the night market, LED light bridge.

Sleeping doggies.

Went in the shop look for snacks, and I saw this! I like!

We saw this streets...and we are like, let's go in and have a look LOL In the end, we come out quite fast because nothing to see, haha! KKK is first time went to this kind of places said there's a lady hit him, we all laughed at him, we all know what it means la.

Just next to the street, we were looking for a place to have some "real" massage, we went to try this shop, it is only THB 200 for 60mins omg! Worth it!

We all in the same room, but separate with curtain, so me and Tart shares one, the others guy shares one in the other side, because the middle is already occupied by some one else. 

The result is so much better than the hotel one! For the price and the services I give this a big LIKE!

My masseur is a lady, while the others is guys, I guess it follow your gender. She is a very nice person, she keep chatting with me, and keep asking if I am ok with this. She even ask do I want a banana, she says the banana has done some praying thing, it will help bring good luck. We said no need, but she insists, so me and Tart have a bite.

Then we decided to pay them some tips for the good services, when I walking towards her, she is cutting some fruits, she saw me(even before I give her the tips) and she just put one in to my mouth, so sweet of her :)

What's next then? Supper time!

Last night in Krabi, must enjoy max!

I know having this for supper is kinda sinful, but I like it! haha!

After dinner, rest for awhile, then I go try my another Lush soap which is Think Pink Bath Bomb, the effect is the water will turn pink in colour, and there's some tiny heart shape coming out, it is so pretty!

End this post with a short video of it :)


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