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Summary of 2014

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry as this is supposed to be a early-of-the-year post, but is end of March already! Time flies!

I have actually drafted this early February, but I am thinking of complete my Krabi post before it turns to one anniversary, so yea...haha!

As what I mention in my title, I am going to have a monthly summarised post(although it might not summarise enough, it is still quite a long post I think) for 2014 in blog, because this is going to be a long post, I would rather I blog about it here than Dayre(I mostly blog all the little detail of my daily life there, so follow if you keen).

I'm actually still going to blog about all the missing post for last year slowly(I am kinda stubborn in this), I know I have missed a lot but please bear with me, I need times draft all those missing pieces :) But first, let me skip these, and give an overview to 2014.

So, to talk about 2014, it was our second year staying in Singapore, I always wanted to blog about life here, I mean not those place we went, is more like what I feel of the life here. In fact, I am having this question(I think most of the foreigner has) whether should I go back to Malaysia, or when? Oh well, I guess will talk about that later maybe? Now, please follow me back to the highlights of each month in 2014.


Brand new year! Started my new so call diary, and it is hello kitty, I bought is from Taiwan.

The starting point of the horse year, first thing come to me is always my loves one birthdays, yeah, Tart and parents are all January babies. Me and siblings already buy a gift for dad and pass to him during the last day of 2013. As for Tart, I bought him his first branded wallet, since he is like changing his wallet every year because his cheap wallet couldn't last longer than a year, might as well choose a quality one. So far his wallet is still nice nice, I think I made right choice! 

Attended Haw's wedding dinner at Jogoya, sincerely wishing him all the love and happiness in the world. That time when he message me he is like "I have a good news for you, and you must the first one who know this! I am getting married! You must come!" lol. Too much influence of the movie <那些年>. In the end,  I purposely flying back just for his wedding, as he is someone mean so much for me before.

This year CNY falls on January, which mean I fly back again for CNY, tiring, I flied at least 3 times in a month, I look quite sick and tired this month. This year CNY wasn't as fun as usual, it was quite boring indeed, because the one who lead everyone to play(my cousin - Jin Pei) doesn't have CNY public holiday, he only back for a day. Helped my friend take care of a puppy named Poly during CNY, and she is the naughtiest puppy I ever met...omg...I never been so angry to a puppy before. But well, she needs time to be educated.


After the CNY trip, we back to Singapore, and have our first Singapore Starbucks card, not sure why, we used to drink Starbucks a lot while we were working in Malaysia, but when we are here, we don't really drink Starbucks. 

We follow colleague to buy our first Toto lol! Our first experience I would say.

Finally, we went to <Song of The Sea> in Sentosa island after so long, I've been wanted to go there quite a while already.

Approach a T-shirt printing shop named Legendary. Encourage Tart to start his first brand, and he did and he named it as STart.

As usual, we went Chingay during CNY, and also went to another exhibition with cousin which name 2degree. I wanted to start an online business on my own, but in the end I didn't, because I have no time for it.


This month, we attended our first concert, and it is Eason's concert! We enjoyed it a lot, looking forward for his next concert :)

I am had a serious fight with Mydeal Malaysia since February, which is truly a nightmare for me! It have been dragged since 2013, and still they treat me like a stupid. Seriously, this incident really make me so tired.

A happy highlight of this month was I started my blog again! After stopped blogging for so long! Although I am going slow, but at least I am still moving(blogging), right? :)

Attended our first Singapore design graduation exhibition - Fusion, saw our few intern there, it is good to let us see what's the standard for Singapore's Poly. In between, we met up with Sherly, then we went to i-lights for the first time, Singapore is always full with these event.


Ever since last month, a lot of our colleagues has left for good, we too have new members joining us! Me and Tart found our new hobby or habit in Singapore, cafe hopping! It was actually inspired by Evelyn and Yulun, after the first hang out with them, we got this thought of going somewhere and spend time there. So our first station is D'good cafe, it was indeed an awesome place! So what we do normally, is go to that place, enjoy the environment and have brunch, then we will started do own stuff like he will be drawing, I will be blogging, and we enjoy it a lot. There goes our cafe hopping journey.

My grandpa's 80th birthday falls on this month, it is 80th birthday so we make it a big party! Everyone went back to KL and celebrate with him, it was really a great family gathering, even awesome than CNY one's, because everyone was there! My grandpa was really very happy.

The only international trip of the year, went Krabi with my cousin's family and Tart. My so called first visit to Thailand, it was kinda a tiring trip and some bad things happens in between.


Firstly, I visit my new house for the first time, my family will be shifting in the new house at the same month, but I won't be around, I didn't apply leave for this, sob sob. I attended my classmate's wedding dinner, I know her since primary school, more than 10 years, she is now a wife and a mother.Wishing you happy married my dear! Stay sweet with you hubby. I think I have reaching that age that, friends around me will be soon getting married one by one.

We tend to be more close with colleague this month I guess, ever since we started our movie night on every last friday of the month. We been hanging out with them more often, sometime will go for dinner together after work, which is a good sign. Our company fun day we went to Escape room game, it was my first time, I personally think it is a game good for team work!

I would call this an achievement month? Because I feel fulfilling this month, I learned and achieve something. So this month I was given an opportunity to explore and build an e-commerce site(, I must thank you Melissa for approaching me. I truly appreciated the patience she gave me, and she is a very understanding person :) Do check out her site! The clothes that she is selling is nice! I have bought a school daze skirt from her, and the quality is so good!

I have created a page as my temporary portfolio page as well, feel free to check it out :) 


To continue to the opportunity part, got a few other people approach me as well, come and go, I guess life is about like that huh. My cousin asked me to help her to do her her blog revamp( and I did, it was a very quick one. I remember I promise to help design someone else's blog, I am so sorry I still haven't did so!! But I remember! I will look for you once I clear my things ok?

Tart Bought a table lamp from Ikea for my table, it was a pink one, and I love it :) I am kinda hopping someone could come Singapore and share an unit with us, because I wanted to move to somewhere with bigger space, where I can have my comfortable space, my current room is just too small, my table as well. (oh well, I guess my dream came true!)

Here is where my mood started to swings, and tend to be very no(bad) mood until the end of the year. I am not sure whether am I too stress, and it started to show it on my skin. At first my lips started to peeling, I thought it was because not hydrated enough, so I apply a lot of lip balm, thought it would help. Who knows, it is getting worse, even my skin around my lips started peeling as well, and in the end, half of my skin are in red sensitive condition. Everyone around me come to me and ask what's wrong with my face, I seriously don't know, I don't dares to visit any skin clinic in Singapore, worry I might can't afford. So what I can do is consult my cousin - XJ who is studying beauty care, apply a lot of cream, and drinks a lot of water.

The mole couple is visiting Singapore at this time, I would say they come at a wrong timing, as I was sick and having bad mood. Me and her have some unhappy moment before she touch down to Singapore. I am so sorry for that unhappy incident. We both are ok while she is here. This is their first visit to Singapore by the way, we get to meet up with other classmate who just came to Singapore as well, we went USS together.

My skin condition is getting better before they came, but back to the bad condition after that, maybe because of restless.


It is a World Cup session, Tart almost sleep late every night, and spend a lot of time on searching a channel that can watch live football. My brother went to my place and stay, because he is going to  have a few job interview in Singapore, although in the end it doesn't work out, but still happy at least he tried. We wanted to start a photo project, but we fail to do so, I guess I will still try again next time. We met Korean star Song Seung-heon at city square, he is here for the movie.

A short getaway for me and Tart, we went to Penang again. This time we planned to stay Lone Pine Hotel for the first night, then go to my aunt's place the next day. Our so called first couple trip, it was sort of our 5th anniversary trip, and yup, we had fun!

My skin condition is better during this period, but my stress level isn't. We have been getting busier since then. I teared a few times during this trip while talking to my aunt about my stress, I have been falling sick a lot this year and mostly are caused stress, every time I think about it I got even more mentally tired.

After this Penang trip went to back to KL, and it was our first time landed on KLIA2. Before this we already got warning by Jin Pei, it is very big, and from the plane to the exit is very far away, but still...hey! new airport! Haha! I would prefer it more than LCCT(uncomfortable place). My first time back to my new home, after they shifted in, my room is bigger compare to my previous house. Me and youngest brother got in to a small fight which both of us want the room at upstairs, he won in the end...but my room is biggest among the three rooms, so never mind.

According to my mom, my dad is so happy when he knows I am coming home, he even help clean and mop my new room. Awww! I love them so much! He brought me to OneCity after dinner, just because I said I haven't been there before.

Another approach from Lesley, for her personal Blog design. Actually before this I don't know she is such a friendly and nice person. I am so blessed for all the opportunity, thank you so much! I don't want to post her blog here, because she haven't launch it, but I guess I will update to my portfolio page later. Thanks Lesley :) It is my pleasure to work with you, and thanks for trusting me!


Get to have a short gathering with my #KakiTangan gang, I invited Haw and his wife too! Because I met him when he come to help my mom drive the car for services, so might as well ask him join us.

I guess because of all these caring of my family,(and also my sickness) I got a very serious homesick after I come back from KL, the most serious ever, and I kinda thought of getting a long holiday and back to Malaysia. Thank you to 爸爸去那儿, I been watching this show during my down period, and it had helped me a lot, it makes me feel better.

The biggest highlight of this month, after so many years, with Tart's support, I finally got my first Mac book Pro! I am actually quite hesitate, because I feel pain for my money, but then my old lappy which has been accompanied me for 6 years is getting laggy, I spend 1 hour to open a photoshop file, and even I want to turn it off half way, it just can't move at all. Tart try to convince me to go for a Macbook, since I been wanted for so long, he says Macbook is not some luxury stuff I want, but is what I need... and Tadaah~~~


We are getting more and more busy during year end, almost OT everyday, feeling very tired. My handsome Lee Hom cousin - KKK(his actual name is Jin Khoon, KKK is we jokingly give it to him) visit us during his school holiday and we went to Mid-Autumn Festival at Gardens by the Bay, and also night outing at Marina Bay Sands area.

Besides that, we attended to our Art director's wedding dinner, it was a simple yet beautiful one. They got band for their wedding, and the dinner is go with buffet style :) Tart said it is quite inspiring, can keep it as references lol

Been hunting for fire stick quite sometime, and KKK managed to get it from ChinaTown, we finish it before he went back.

Another Achievement unlocked for this month is, Tart finally learned how to swim, and he won't resist swimming now, but ask for more :) I am happy for him!


It is my Birthday month! But well, something special about this year was, I am staying Singapore for a simple Birthday celebration instead of flying back to Malaysia. Tart is a little bit stress, as he is worry he didn't prepare well for my birthday, I will feel upset. But in fact I didn't, I am ok with a simple one, but still he prepared something for me :)

After that, went for a short trip with family, and asking Carmen to accompany for this trip. We have our bonding time and pillow talk for a night, our friendship are one level up. We know each other more, and this is not something we expected but we are thankful for this trip, perhaps what we need is more bonding time like this.


First day of November, it is also Hello Kitty's birthday, yes Hello Kitty's birthday. We have registered to go for first Hello kitty Run in Singapore. It was kinda a special experience, because for the first time, we run under the rain. Tart enjoyed it a lot, he says we never did this before. So our medal wasn't come with easy yo!

First of our life, after watching the movie for more than 2 hours, and it black out, although we got a free ticket, but in order to know the ending, we get to watch the movie again lol. Caught up with Tart's secondary school friends since they came to Singapore to work, guess we are getting more and more friends coming to join us.


A happening yet busy month, it is also one of my favourite month. At the beginning of the month, with Pei's help, I bought Tart a headphone as his don't know Christmas or advance birthday present lol. Most happy of December is can do Christmas present hunt or pre-cny clothes hunt, that's the happiest moment, because I can do my shopping "reasonably".

This year Christmas party theme is Nightmare Before Christmas, quite headache of how to dress and so on, didn't want to spend money on this, try not too buy thing I won't use again.

With a few encouragement from the others(you know who you are), I made a move to bring myself improvement to the next level, I am thankful with whoever show their encourage, support and advise. Thanks you guys! Thank you to myself as well :) Thank you for brave enough to step out of it, and you finally got your rewards, I am happy for myself!

Went home for a longer holiday, finally a break after all those crazy workload. Went to visit Drx Clinic, and started my journey with them. Lasertag with my classmate, glad everyone likes it :)

Lesley approach me again to design her online shop Lesley Wardrobe's logo, with Tart & JH's help completed her request before end of the year. Hard to believe she trusted me, and come back for the second time! Thanks Lesley! I feel blessed! Their online shop is quite famous, and her clothes is really very nice! I can't stand to visit her shop, because I foresee I will buy a lot hahaha!

Me and dad have a father-daughter date, because of his little investment. I helped him a lot during this trip, he is happy about it. I wish I could help him with my best, I wish him to be happy too.

Other than that, I spent most of my time tidy up my room, I don't have a chance since May, and now is the suitable time to tidy up my room, and throw away or give away stuff that I don't need or want.


Pretty much there, here is my 2014, like a roller coster, up and down, I skipped a lot of the emo session, those heavily down period. It is never easy for me, especially when I am sick.

In the positive side, I am thankful for all the achievement I had done, all the opportunity given, and lesson learned. Sincerely thank you all of you!

I might be slow, but at least I am moving. 

For 2015, what I hoping for the most is learn how to be a more relaxing and chill person, don't be so easily anxious, and overact when things happen.

Health is the main thing I will be more taking care and focusing on this year, because without health I won't be able to chase my dream or any other thing I love to do.

Cheers people! Embrace 2015, let's see what it will bring me :)

p/s: Thank you for your time to reading the long post! 


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