Thursday, 18 June 2015

Xcape Season 2 and J's @ Purvis Street

A while back, there's a trend of playing escape room, not sure if everyone has played before? I am quite interested to play at that time, but these games require at least 4 people per game. Of course I feel it will be more fun with a group of people, the more the merrier.

I am quite excited to find out that one of our company fun day is going to play escape game, wohoo!

So we are separated into 2 groups, one is Upside Down, 4 stars game and another game is Vampire Diary, which is 4.5 stars game. We get to choose which one we prefer, just write your name under which game your want, max 8 person per game, base on first come first get basis.

Without hesitate I choose Upside Down, it is simply because I am a bit worry of the horror element of Vampire Diary lol. For example maybe there's something jumping out in the half way...too much worries haha! (FYI there isn't any people try to scare you inside according to my colleague)

Here we come Xcape Season 2

Monday, 15 June 2015

Lulu's wedding dinner

Me and Tart was invited attend Lulu and Xenon's wedding dinner last year, *em-hem* yes it is last year. *bitter smile*

A little history of this friend of mine, we have known each other for more than 10 years already, I knew her since primary school. If my memory works well, she was one of my classmates during primary school, if she is not then I really can't remember how we know each other,HAHAHA. She used to call me 美人鱼(mermaid) for not-sure-what reason(I can't remember anymore). Then she became my classmate again during secondary school form 4 to 5. We might not be really that close but still I really appreciated this friendship that go this far.

Anyway back to the wedding dinner topic, I think I am one of the few Chinese that attend wedding dinner on time! You know Chinese wedding dinner is always not punctual. I do hope that people who are invited to my wedding in the future will be punctual as well.

We reached there super early, the place is like almost empty when we reach, she is so surprised when she saw me, because she never thought I will there so early, as in for friends. 

Friday, 12 June 2015

Quick updates of April and May 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope there's still someone reading my blog, although most of the time I am gone missing, すみません! *bow*

I actually thought of just straight to the post where I stopped(most of them are even last year's post), but I think it will be good that I have a short and quick update of what am I busying recently. Oh well, you will definitely know why I went missing from here if you follow my Dayre, or maybe you won't...because I've been missing in Dayre too for like 1.5 months or maybe even more! I am busy until a stage whereby I don't even have time to update my Dayre at all. If there's a time, I will use it to rest, I just don't want to do things that need to use my brain(yes, blogging need brain and time consumed).

I just done updated my Dayre days ago, so now is time for my official blog.
So why am I so busy even since after Chinese New Year?