Friday, 12 June 2015

Quick updates of April and May 2015

Hello everyone!
I hope there's still someone reading my blog, although most of the time I am gone missing, すみません! *bow*

I actually thought of just straight to the post where I stopped(most of them are even last year's post), but I think it will be good that I have a short and quick update of what am I busying recently. Oh well, you will definitely know why I went missing from here if you follow my Dayre, or maybe you won't...because I've been missing in Dayre too for like 1.5 months or maybe even more! I am busy until a stage whereby I don't even have time to update my Dayre at all. If there's a time, I will use it to rest, I just don't want to do things that need to use my brain(yes, blogging need brain and time consumed).

I just done updated my Dayre days ago, so now is time for my official blog.
So why am I so busy even since after Chinese New Year?

House Shifting

It was started from a decision that we made within few days, it was such a fast decision. For the first time after staying here for 3 years, we decided to move out to somewhere else (without having to stay with landlord anymore) for more privacy.

Just 3 of us without anyone's help, we do all the preparation on our own in nearly a month, and we are shifted in after that.

This is considered my first time that I am handling all the little thing with my own(of course with Tart and Pei also), I mean if to compare with those when I am still in Malaysia, I have my very hardworking parents to do all the jobs, I am like the princess sitting there and all the thing I am concerned was how my room look like and what's the color LOL.

No, I am just kidding, I did help put my own stuff in the box, but well, we only shifted house once and that time I am still quite young. The recently house shifting I did nothing because I wasn't at Malaysia. But my point here is, me or I should say we feel so much more satisfied and independent after this, because we do all the thing on our own. *strong*

Work and Personal

Jobs come in at once in this period, and most of the timeline are clashing with each other. Therefore, a lot of OTs, we are mad tired because we have not even recover from the house shifting. The only thing that we have more gratitude was the jobs are coming in after we shifted to new house, if not I can't imagine whether are we still alive...

Besides work, there are still some personal stuffs to be settled, some are the follow up stuff of the house shifting, some are problems to be solved. All together is actually quite time consuming, we barely have time to rest, all we hope for is get rid of everything as soon as possible.

For the first time, none of the weekends are free, every weekend we either got thing to do, or we are not at home.

Family and Friends Visit

Now we are shifted to new house, family got place to stay when they come over. My aunt and cousins come and stay over after a week of we shifted house, and my family came the month after. In between, there are some friends came to Singapore, and we did spend some time with them.

Travel is this sound more interesting to you? If you follow either my Instagram or Facebook, you will know I seem like busying going travel recently. Actually, one of the trip was planned last year, and the other one is a very sudden trip we decided to add in for this year, after meeting up with HLJJ. I would say if is not her, we won't be having this trip especially we are so freaking broke after house shifting.

Nonetheless, I do not regret having this trip even it brought my wallet a huge damage, in fact, it has been one of the awesome trip I ever had. The experience and feeling I had for this trip is beyond my words, I can't even get out of it even it has been ended for like a month. You may think I am a bit exaggerated for this, but for me as the first time for travelling to a western country, some more I never ever thought I could do this like right now, and it is with my own ability.

We actually didn't really feel excited before the trip or like what people used to do, count down for the trip, because we were too busy working for that period. We didn't even plan a thing for the trip, and we do our packing quite last minute. Pei said that this might be the reason why I feel more happy for this trip, because I skipped all troublesome research and planning thingy(I did that for Taiwan trip for my family and I was quite stress to be honest), that's why I am more relaxing. Everyday we woke up and just ask HLJJ, where are we going, what are we going to is that awesome!

She is the reason that why is our trip so awesome!

You might think it's awesome for someone to host us in a western country. But for me, it is more than that.

Firstly, not much people will do this to their friends.
Second, if they would do this, mostly is to their closer friends, not friends.
Third, I really like her optimistism , friendly and easy-going attitude.

In fact, how I wish I could have more friends like her...seriously I need people like her to stay around me as I need more positive energy!

Well, my point here is, is not just we enjoy the trip, but we also enjoy spending time with her.
Sincerely thank you you-HLJJ for this trip.

Yea, I know I am out of topic already.
I am going a bit sentimental now, but let's not go into that topic.

A-ha! My short updates became a bit long now, but hope you will enjoy it, will find time to blog more now.


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