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HLJJ Farewell lunch at Fika @ Beach Road

I am typing this at the exact date of a year ago that HLJJ left the company, time flies. She has the loudest laughter in the company, so even she is not an expert in telling jokes, or even she don't talks, just try to make her laugh(she is quite easy to trigger), and her laughter will brighten your day.

A year ago, she was planning to left the company to pursue her dream to live in Japan. Even though in the end she didn't go there for certain reason. Until today I still feel that, the company is not that "fun" without her laughter.

She made everyone with some cookies, put it in a jar and some note with it.

Photo courtesy of HLJJ

I've been assigned to prepare her present and organise her farewell lunch. Since it has to be Halal, I have been asking recommendation from our muslim colleagues, and the outcome is to Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro.

We were divided into 3 groups, and we went for a ride with HLJJ's car, then we came to this car lift which I felt was quite interesting(kampung girl never experience this before), actually all of us were quite excited that time.

After the short entertaining car parking, we walked to the cafe, which is at the corner of the street.

This is their ground floor, we were going to the second floor because we have more people.

This is the stage to the second level, they have more space up there, but if I am not mistaken you have to exceed certain number of people so that they can let you sit at the second level. 

This cafe actually did make some effort on the interior decoration. A bit of home feeling, there's a little living room there, so nice right?

We wereall sitting at the little corner there.

Fika's menu

Disclaimer: it has been a year which is 2014 , they may have updated their menu and price. You may check their menu hereSince it is a year ago, I may have mess up some of the details(like the food name), so please bear with me :)

A photo with HLJJ

We ordered this soup for share to test it out, and the taste is not accepted by us lol. Maybe it is just not our bowl of soup.

My Cafe Mocha

This is Tart's order, can't remember what is it already, I guess is cappuccino?

Here come the foods!
My order Tunnbrödsrulle $17.90

Classic Swedish thin bread roll with mashed potatoes, grilled sausage, fried shallots, homemade Bostongurka, tomato or chili sauce. I like the idea of having mashed potatoes and sausage together, I thought it will be quite nice so I ordered this!

So it doesn't disappointed me after all. Close up of the content in the bread roll.

Serene's order Seafood Pasta $24.50
Mussels, doryfish, squid, and tiger prawn cooked in a choice of cream sauce, tomato base or aglio style. Serene choose tomato sauce, quite nice also!

Tart and Starshea having this Grilled Salmon $23.90
Grilled salmon and pan-fried potatoes served with lemon butter sauce, fresh dill and lemon wedge. Both of them say it is nice! *thumbs up*

HLJJ and Kevin share this Seafood Combo with Lobster $49.90
It is the same as seafood pasta, it just that it is with lobster, the portion is bigger, suitable for 2 person.

Photo of them having the meal.

Only Tart looks at the camera haha!

By the way, our table are kinda stuffy, is like the air-con couldn't reach here, we were all sweating, while the other table is more chill, because it is more near to the air-con. Talked to the waitress about it a few time, but still no one is working on it -.-

Group photo time!
 I remember the waitress that serve us that day is kinda impatient(showing black face most of the time), ask her help to take photos, and she just keep pressing all the way until we are ready...This is how this GIF come from.

Back to office continue working after that, can't remember what is happening about this that day, I guess there's a war? hahaha

There's a reward after the war, let me present you HLJJ 的招牌笑容!

What's that face? haha!

Card design by John, compile all the farewell's poem and make it into one.

Farewell present for her, which is actually what I wanted to get for myself so much!!(I got it after that during my birthday :D)

Art piece by Tart, Chibi's style of HLJJ, and the color code of the clothes are exactly what she wearing that day! She likes this eggplant outfit so much.

She is reading all the message from everyone, with teary eyes.

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

Personal Rating
Speed of serving: 
Price range: $20 - $40
Cuisine: Swedish
Other: Halal Certified, You get to control the saltiness, oil or sugar 

No. 257 Beach Road / Arab Street, Singapore
(on the corner of Beach Road and Arab Street)

Nearest MRT station
Bugis station

Sun - Wed:11:00am - 9:00pm*9:30pm - 10:00pm**
Thu - Sat:11:00am - 10:00pm*10:30pm - 11:00pm**

* last order
** for beverages & desserts

Phone: +65 6396 9096
Online reservation is available on their site.

For more you can check out their website or Facebook.

Click here for a virtual tour of the restaurant.


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