Monday, 9 January 2017

Fish&Co @ Nex

Today is just a random post to about a random date we had 3 years ago. We don't usually have fancy food for normal day, unless special occasion, there's this one day, suddenly Tart offer to have something slightly expensive than what we usually have during weekend, and we choose Fish&Co. We queue there for quite a while, have to be prepared to queue if having meal at Nex especially during weekend, one of the most crowded place.

Finally, the long wait has ended, we has been seated and ordered.

Drinks and soup come first.

While we are waiting our main course, we saw this Fruit Ninja Challenge. Basically you will get a free slice of cake of the day if you could hit score of 350, good way to distract people while waiting,  well done. Look at the date you will be able know how long I been dragging for this post lol!

Food is here! Feed my camera first!

I used to dislike seafood, not really a fish lover, but as I grow up, I starts to accept more seafoods and fishy, because I think they are more healthier than other meats, but of course not in the fried way. Actually I can't differentiate whether I changed because I am now staying in a different country, different culture or I changed because of I growth up, my taste changed lol. Like I used to not eat sushi, I remember the first time I try sushi, I find their rice taste weird, and I can't swollen the sushi at all. Ever since that time, I don't even eat sushi until I came to Singapore, don't since when I train myself to a sushi eater, and I ate a lot now lol.

I like baked fish, I think maybe I should try learn how to cook it.

Well, that's all for this random post, not really review post, if you would to ask me, I would say overall is ok, services is ok also, might be a bit pricey, and the speed might be slightly slow because is it too crowded. Anyway, overall is good :)

Are you hungry already? hehe.


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