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McDonald x Hello Kitty Bubbly World 2014

Hey Babe!
Remember I mentioned earlier, it is Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary last year, of course McDonald's Singapore will have something for it as well, to celebrate Hello Kitty's birthday. Before the event starts, I actually already knew it will coming a month before, because I got a friend in agency who is working on the site, she didn't exactly tell me what's it, but ask me prepare my wallet lol!

This Set of Hello Kitty attracts a lot of people due to its cuteness bubble-shaped. Hello Kitty dressed in the costumes of characters from Sanrio, which is her friends Kero kero keroppi, My Melody, Osaru No Monkichi, PomPomPurin, Tuxedosam and Bad Badtz-maru.

According to my research, McDonald's Singapore is the first country that release this plush toy sets. Also due to the experience they had in the previous year, which is the dramatic queues, the fights and people who try to earn a profit on it by buying a lot and sell online with an crazy expensive price...

McDonald’s is making an online purchasing system available for the first time. Collectors can purchase a special collector’s set comprising all six Hello Kitty Bubbly World plush toys and McDonald’s food vouchers for S$80 online on April 23 2014. I think this is an brilliant ideas that fix all the issue! No more queueing and fights!

This is the site, I thought it was quite cute, don't you agree?

image source from online
Although there are some technical issue when it first launch, because the the high traffic, when I am half way buying then it is gone, I am like shit, is it sold out?! Went to check with friend, and she says they are fixing the site, then I am ok, cool. I chill first. Haha!

What's also good with this system is I get to choose when to have McDonald's, if only I feel like having, instead of having it every week. Each set comes with 6 x $5 Extra Value Meal vouchers, I can share the vouchers with my friends or colleagues!

image source from online

All plush are nicely packed in this huge Hello Kitty printed white box, when I first received it I really felt satisfy with the effort they've put in this online sales.

All the vouchers are behind the box.

Here comes the all the bubble bubble kitties and a nicely designed folio that come with a certificate, which is only available if you buy the full set online.

Hope ya enjoy my post! :)


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