Monday, 9 January 2017

Singapore Avengers Mystamp Collection 2012

I am gonna share an unisex collection, it is the Avengers Mystamp Collection! Obviously it is not my collection, it is Tart's, bought it together with my Hello Kitty 40th anniversary Mystamp collection. I know it is not a new collection, and it was released by 2012, we bought it at 2014.

This is supposed to be a limited edition collection, but not sure why are we still able to get it 2 years later, maybe is some sort of promotion? I can't remember.

This set of collectables consist of 7 stamp sheets with bio data and 3 art prints that features all of the characters in different art styles.

The cover is a classified shield folder that contains a lot of the information of the super heroes or any top secret. 

What is great about it this collection was it comes with a 8GB USB Credit Card Flash Drive that are pre-loaded with unreleased movie stills. Wohoo!

Bio data of each characters.

The 3 art prints.


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