Monday, 9 January 2017

SingPost x Hello Kitty 40th annivesary 2014

Here is another post I dragged for 3 years omg(I didn't publish it lol), but is ok I can show you all the collection at once! It took half a year to received the full set of this collection. Yes I used to be a collector of Hello Kitty's stuff(now I still do, just more controllable than before), but not the hardcore one. I ain't rich, so I will only buy those I really really want, and this is one of them!

In case you don't know it was Hello Kitty 40th Birthday 2 years ago, that's why there's a lot of Hello Kitty event and sales going on, all come out and earn money Hahaha! Girls' money is easy to earn, especially on Hello Kitty!

So this time, SingPost collaboration with Sanrio to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Hello Kitty, there's limited edition MyStamps will be released throughout 2014. There are range of interesting stamp book, folders and collectibles, they are so colorful and nice to me, I can't resist to collect it!

Before we move on to see the collection, let me show you some of the info for this collection. Apparently, there's 5 sets of it, you can choose to purchase few of them or the full set. With purchasing the complete set of 5($155), you get to enjoy savings up to $33.90. That's not all, there's also early bird promotion($148) that you gets to enjoy even more savings and it came with a free Hello Kitty lanyard, I am going for this doubtlessly!

image source from online

If you are opt for a certain set, you can get them by the respective release date. 

image source from online

For the early birds and whoever getting the complete set of 5, they will get their parcel by following the patches as well. Here come my first parcel I received from SingPost.

Cover nicely by bubble wrap

First parcel is the Hello Kitty Limited Edition MyStamp Book Set with tote bag (U.P. $69.90) and Hello Kitty Singapore MyStamp folder set with a lanyard ($U.P. 18). 

Red lanyard is the free lanyard you get if you purchased the early bird set.

I accidentally inverted this folder in the previous photo if you notice hahaha!

All folders come with stamps also.

This is the very nice Limited Edition MyStamp Book, seriously very pretty, look at the colours!

Come with postcards.

The stamps of different Hello Kitty art style changing over the years.

Tote bag that came along with this set.

Second parcel is Hello Kitty Classic MyStamp Folder Set with a Brooch (U.P. 28) and Hello Kitty Love and Friendship MyStamp Folder Set with an umbrella (U.P. 28), received this parcel around august. 

Lastly, is Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Celebration MyStamp Folder set with a travel bag and a lanyard (U.P. $38), received this around november. Seriously why are all their name so long lol.

The bag can be fold until an A5 size, very convenience and easy to keep.

That's all for the 5 sets, which one is you favourite? Mine is the Limited Edition MyStamp Book of course, because of its content and the colours. Hope you enjoy this post so far =)

Have a nice day, peep!


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