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#tartnshan are engaged!

Hello everybody!

It has been a while I last updated my blog, I know I just published a few drafts in my dashboard that I keep for years (crazy) lol, but non of them are latest. Also I just realise I don't have a single blog post on 2016, but yes, there are definitely things that worth sharing for 2016, let me work on that later, because today I am going to share with you one of the biggest life events of my life!

This post is supposed be published before 2016 end...I really tried my best to finish this before 2016. Oh well...later is better than never, as you can see the title already mention it, yes, Tart and I are engaged!

Love this photo from Rachel, we looking at each other and smile so happily.♥

Before I start my long-winded post, I would like to credit the photographers of all the pretty photos : Rachel, Carmen, Nixon(New friend!), Pei, and Tart. I only took a few before this whole surprise coming up or after! Thank you everyone for all the photos, they are so pretty!

As promised, I said I will blog about this when photos are in, and I think shouldn't let this great memory of my life slip away like that, I should at least type this down for the future me to read, or even for our future kids!

I guess most of you are already aware of this from both of our social media, and Pei even FB lived the whole proposal lol. To be honest, I didn't expect it to be lived, and furthermore, I even thought of not to share a single photo on social media, to keep a low profile? to avoid problems? I don't know. Just thought it would be quite a surprise when people only realize we are getting married during our actual day? Maybe only will share with those who are truly happy for us or care for us?

Anyways, these are just all my thoughts before this happen, and I haven't really got a chance to share with Tart, but even I did I doubt it would make any changes =) Anyways what had done is already done, Pei just wanna share this news with my family as they requested since they weren't around.

The proposal

So how things come up was my #notjustcolleague friends said they wanted to try out HLJJ's Juju coffee. They mentioned about this a few times, and finally, we set the date to 11th of December, Sunday, and I've confirmed the date with HLJJ later, just to confirm she is around that day.

Few days before the date, Rachel told us that Kerry is going to attend a wedding before the hangout, and so she will be a bit more dressed up and asked us to wear a dress too, if not she might be looking too contrast amongst all of us.

On the other side, Tart already told me a few weeks ago that he won't be going with me as he has a hen party's calligraphy class to attend. Normally when he has class during the weekend, I would wake up and prepare him some breakfast, but I am super exhausted that I couldn't get up at all, although I am aware he is up.

He talks to me when I am still struggling whether to fall back to sleep or wake up, he told me he wanted to wear the leather shoe and dress pants as it is more appropriate and ask if I agree so, I barely open my eyes, but I answered him yes. After that, when I was wide awake I thought it is actually quite exaggerated to dress like that lol.

I think because god is kind of helping him in this surprise also, my calculation on time is ridiculously wrong for this day, I ended up late but managed to wash my bed sheets before I headed out lol! I actually quite happy with it because I wanted to finish house chores ASAP so when I came home later I have more time for things I like to do. #mystruggleeveryweekend

I texted the girls and apologized to them, and along the way to the destination, we keep each other updated, but in fact, all of them already reached there, they are just texting to smoke me. Even though it wasn't that smooth, I got a bit confused when Kerry texted she will be leaving home in 5 mins? I was thinking...oh? she got time to go home after the wedding and before meeting us? LOL.

Those photos were taken when they were preparing the proposal early in the morning, I didn't edit the photo much but I think Rachel helped me edit those she sent me. 真的无尽感激大家!

Rachel said they might want to eat at Ah Loy Thai first before heading to Juju, and I rush over to Ah Loy Thai once I reached and I went around searching for them, but I couldn't find them in the store. A waitress attended to me, asking if I am alone, and I got no idea so I told her that I need to text my friends, and saw them coming over from the other side right after I texted them.

"Ei...I thought u guys are coming this way? This exit is the nearest one mah." "No lah, we went toilet." and so, without any doubt, we went into Juju cafe, and we were greeted by HLJJ.

So I introduced Kerry to HLJJ since this is the first time(apparently no) they meet each other, and HLJJ always wanted to meet her in person, and then I introduced the rest too. HLJJ's response was as per I expected, the "Finally I meet the legendary" face, and Kerry reacted as if she is feeling insecure when people are giving her the look, the look where it seems like people knowing her more than what she expected.

Now that I'm thinking back all the expression they had during all these, their acting is really good leh! It scares me! It was so real omg! hahaha! You girls are seriously all 最佳女演员!

With all the foods we ordered, I actually thought of sharing this nice Sunday lunch from JooBar as my blog post for the day. I took a few photos too, let's not waste that, but honestly it was really nice!

Delicious porktatoes, I didn't expect it to be this good!
B.F.C boneless chicken, Loving the tea leaf and nuts salad. SGD 22
Life's a Beach, the taste as interesting as the name. SGD 24
Love this chai tea from Juju coffee, blended in Melbourne, very smooth taste, perfect for people who don't feel like having caffeine.

My second time having this and still like it!
Then we enjoyed the food and caught up with Kerry since she had left the company. Tart texted me in between saying that he couldn't make it on time, he might only be able to come after the lunch, so I was planning to stay and wait for him, I told everyone about this, and they were still very professional in acting, so the 'game' was still going on.

Accident happened! He accidentally called me, it almost gave him a heart attack, but luckily I couldn't hear a thing. HAHA. Safe! and lucky.

After awhile, HLJJ came and said there's Christmas decor on the second floor, and she would like to show me later after we finished our food, and I cluelessly asked why didn't ground floor have any, she said because haven't finish decor LOL! and I believed that.

These were all the Christmas decoration she mentioned LOL

Look at this beautiful setting by my talented friends!

I love this kind of christmas decor, let's do it once every 2 years! HAHA
So here came the part where HLJJ brought us up there, it wasn't my first time going up here, but this time she led me through another entrance, and it was super dark. She opened the door for me, a bright glare came into my eye, the next second I saw many people there, all the familiar faces...

"oh? surprise party? for who? is it for Carmen? because Loon is here and her birthday is coming soon! But wait...what Pei is doing here and dressed up? how come there are so many photos of me and Tart...Oh, my god, today is the day?!"

So what happen next, guess whoever watched the video should know, he played (guitar) me a song, which is Thousand Years by Christina Perri, then he gave me a sweet speech about how he felt with me in his life, lastly he played and sang another song, which is a song from Moana - How far I'll go, he adjusted the lyrics for me. So how did I feel in between all these was, kinda lost, and can't believe it happened (in a happy way)...!

There were a few funny moments during the proposal, for example, he didn't hold my hand during his speech, instead of me tearing, but HLJJ teared(aww <3). Then when he was playing Thousand Years, instead of looking at me, he was looking at his guitar, and my eyes had no way to focus at, until I had to look at the guitar too LOL. And because he practiced a lot of time at home, and I am very familiar of the song's length, so I was kind of waiting for him to finish the song, I was like "Omg...still got a long way to go!" Moana was his last minute plan, so it is kind of a surprise for me.

By the way, have to clarify the standard of him playing guitar during that day is not his normal standard, he actually plays very well, I think he is very nervous that day, especially when everyone is looking at him. He is kinda upset about the performance after all these ended, but no worries darling, flaw made this memorable.

This is when he plays Thousand Years for me.
Giving his little speech but swap position because seeing HLJJ tearing made him feel like tearing too.
This is when he said it is time to upgraded our rings which cost RM10 6 years ago.
Browsing through the little memory box he did for me.
He sang me a song.
He helped me to wear the ring.
They said I was too steady along the way, I should at least show some excitement, so I hugged him.
After that is individual photo section, I haven't gotten all the photos from Gene yet, he is another photographers of this whole event, so some sneak peak will do.

My dearest HLJJ, You know when it comes to you, I always get stuck with words, because I always don't know where to start, the overwhelming feeling and can't be more thankful for you to be part of my life, at least in this stage of my life. Thanks for being part of this big event of us, and I hoping I can be part of yours one day, and I will try tear on your behalf! Love you ♥

Our big brother, housemate and chef, the one who always helped us on surprising each other most of the time. Can't believe we had been staying together in here for 4 years+, and we 'evolved' from each other's least favourite cousin, fighting each other, until today, you are here to be the only one who represents my family, to witness this whole event, thank you! Thank you for everything!

To my upgraded-to-friends colleagues LOL(there's a joke about this)! Thank you so much girls! I didn't expect this much of effort from you girls. Thank you for sacrificing your precious weekend, especially during this busy period, people would probably just want to stay home and rest. I am overwhelmed and touched! Thank you for brightening up my days =)

From top left:
Yu Hui, my libra buddy, we have know each other for less than 1 year but it feels like we have know each other longer! It feels like you are my younger sister who is a lot smarter than me LOL! I would say you are someone full of surprises for me, and I love surprise!

Khar Wan, little sunshine, she is like completely opposite of me, she easily get amused, and some times her laugh comes with tears. It is such a joy watching people laugh, even I feel it is not funny but I do laugh sometime when she laughs.

Kerry, the black girl, her laughter is actually one of my favorites! Thanks for willing to share with me your opinions, experiences, or perspective whenever I needed advice. Most importantly, thanks for encouraging me when I needed one, I truly appreciated that, 那个对我真的很重要, 谢谢你.

Rachel, humour guru, we just got closer recently, but I actually hope we could get closer earlier because I am a big fan of her humour! She is such a fun person for me, her posing, actions, words...I am not someone who laugh easily, but she managed to made me laugh even without effort lol!

My college-mate/movie gang, I don't have the group photo with me yet, I only have this which is just me and Carmen. Just want to say thank you so much guys, especially Loon who purposely came down from KL early in the morning for this and went back to KL at the same day, thank you so much! You guys watched me and Tart get together. And today we are going onto another stage of our relationship, thank you for being part of this, and all the effort given <3 Hope our SH-ness continues and never dies! lol!

Specially thanks Carmen for never absent in most of my life's big events so far, it is glad to have you here, and I love you too :)

After that, they helped to clean up everything, and we went down thinking of capturing a group photo before we go. HLJJ asked her friend - Nixon(who is our new friend)'s help. Tart just met him a week ago during Des's brush calligraphy class, he is a professional photographer.

At first we thought it would be just capturing a few simple shots, but it turned out that we spent quite a while there by just capturing group photo, and it felt like wedding shoots LOL. Thanks to Nixon, I love the photos!

HLJJ always got attacked by my balloons because of the wind, 真可怜
不许偷看! but look at Pei hahahaha! his balloon flew away~~
ok, you are allowed to peep secretly, and...Pei is like searching his balloon HAHAHA!
Not sure either he needs more training to lift me up, or I should really go keep fit.
Nixon suggested that we should take a group photo in front of Joo Bar/Juju Coffee, so in the future, we will remember this place.

And we are finally done! Me and Tart gave the balloon to kids in the nearby mall (they were so excited!) since we could not bring them back, and we couldn't set them free worryng that we might got arrested lol.

Then we went home and rest for a while, then we were out again to have dinner and bring my ring to resize, so I only wore my ring for like only a few hours LOL.

He was knocked out once we reached home, it was a really long day for him I know, thank you my darling :) 辛苦你了💦

Feeling after the proposal

He actually thought I would have known it already, because we stay together, even work together, we almost stick to each other every day, it is super hard to work on this proposal, and the only time he could work on it are most probably after I sleep, or after his classes during weekend. Despite he is so tired, and wanting to come home and rest, he still has to go somewhere else to prepare for this one day.

He is happy when he found out, no, I am completely unaware of this whole thing, he is very contented. It is not like I don't know he is preparing for this, it is just that I didn't expect it to happen this soon, I always thought is the year after, which is year 2017.

Even myself was once worried and started to think that I might have no surprise during my proposal because I might accidentally find out something which I shouldn't know. I've been very 'cooperative' with his plan, at which I actually have not touched his phone without his permission for months, I am not that insecure kind of girlfriend, but sometimes I will use his phone to send myself photos, help him settle something, and he was always afraid that I might accidentally read some messages I shouldn't read.

Like most of the girls out there, I have been imagining how my proposal might happen, the way it happens, and initially I told him I wish my family is around as a surprise, then my thoughts changed and told him that a simple one will do and recently I told him, I think is ok even if it is just both of us. Because this moment belongs to both of us.

He did tell me after all, he is worried that this proposal did not fulfill my 'requirements', because I mentioned before that I hope there's a piano playing during the proposal, I also said I like it somewhere in forest or garden, any places away far from city and I even mentioned maybe I would like it to happen during a trip?

None of these happened.

But, I am very happy, satisfied and I appreciated the effort he put in for the whole proposal, everything, the flowers or even the flaw, is what made this moment belong to us. Once in a life time, they said.

What has changed?

So after the proposal, many people have been asking me how do I feel? Is there any difference? I wasn't able to answer that at that moment, because it feel like something has changed, but actually nothing really changed besides our title.

I think staying together before getting married do make some impact, because that's the part couples can only find out after getting married, their partner's habit or true behaviour, 相爱容易相处难. To extend a bit on this topic, I actually never thought I would stay with my boyfriend before I get married too, not to even mention will my parent allow that. But time has slowly brought everything to become what it is like today.

On personal side, I might have a feeling of "so...this is what getting engaged feels like". Few years back I am still someone who is wondering how getting married feels like, and there I am today one step closer towards it. Kind of like an achievement unlocked? Into the another stage of life, many mixed feelings, time flies and 我长大了...

But thank you for this day, it was really such a beautiful day in my memory.

Once again, thank you! I can't be more gratitude with all of you here with us today, you all are definitely VVIPs to us! I am sure there's some fate that brought you guys here today. They say nothing lasts forever, not sure how long will this last, but I will cherish while it lasts.

Dear fiancé
Thank you for your hard work for this day, I know it wasn't easy. 
Congrats that you've just completed your biggest task of the year, we are now half level up to another stage of our relationship, I would say you did an excellent job! Now go get some rest before the more challenges come.

Oh my god, I am finally done with this post, now I shall go get some rest too. 
End this post with one of my favourite photo.


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