Friday, 17 April 2020

Why I stopped blog

Hello, it has been a while since I last blogged, and the last post was like 3 years ago?

How is everyone? 

And well, do people still read blogs or write blogs? 
I guess things have changed now, now is more into the Vlog or video creation era?

I have been MIA a very long time in my blog, and for a moment I thought of deleting it. And I still don't know what is the reason that this blog still remains here hahaha! I guess I am just wanting to hold it there for no reason.

Anyway, I do enjoy sharing and typing, although I am didn't really blog anymore, I do sometimes giving myself the ideas of what I can blog. It is just they are ending up in my blog but rather disappearing in time.

I guess I was setting up too many rules for myself, end up it is more like something I need to do instead I love to do. When it becomes responsible, I no longer feel enjoy doing it.

Today, while I was half cleaning my files, I came across someone's old blogs, with all the Chinese words. It brings me back to the feeling when I used to read people's blogs, short and emotional, always attached with an image. 

I guess we were young then.

Which is why, out of sudden, and halfway of organizing my files, I decided to pop by my blog and type something I would love to. Will I continue to do it? I am not sure. But today I make a baby step.

Stay safe everyone, especially in this critical situation.

I will see if I would like to come back here :)


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