About me

Hello, I am Sanny Shan, the onwer of this blog. Basically, Sanny is my English name I give myself since primary school, and Shan is my last name. I came from Malaysia, but I am currently based on Singapore. I am a October Libra baby, so I guess you kind of know I am kind of indecisive all the time, I couldn't stand myself sometime.

I completed my Multimedia design diploma course from The One Academy. What makes me choose this course? It is actually because during my secondary study life I was very addicted to Friendster, so in order to make my page looks better, I always spend time customize my profile page, and all start from zero, I searching all the resources from online, which make me have some knowledge on HTML. After that, I try apply stuff I learned to my blog, the more I try, the more I know. So when I graduated from secondary school, this the only course I feel interested on.

Blog and me
I started blog since 2006, my first blog is at wretch(无名小站), is a Chinese blog. My blog is kind of empty in the beginning, I am also not update that often. Until 2007, with a bad relationship matter, I started blog often, and mostly are to release my expression. After that I started blog about personal life, like foods I recommend, stuff I like, places I go...and etc. I started update my blog lesser since after I started my study life in college,  because I am so busy with my projects and assignments, I don't even have enough time to sleep, and I am completely stopped blogging at 2011, which is few years ago.

However, this makes me realize I love blogging more than what I thought and I decide to start blogging again. Because most of the time when I saw something, eating something, visit a place, or even I did some research, it will make me thought of this question "How will I share this on my blog". With my pasional on blogging, I design my blog my own, and coding as well, the process is kind of slow, because I stopped in between quite a lot, but I am very happy with the outcome and those are my effort.

My main language is Cantonese and Mandarin, but I will use English as main language for this blog, will try to improve my English as much as possible. You may spotted some grammar mistakes or spelling mistake, I am much appreciated if you willing to correct me politely, so that I could improve a lot more :)